The following page is a footnote, created to explain the science/supernatural phenomena/other details seen in the series, The Knights of the Multiverse.

This page contains a list of all the cartoons & anime featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, as well as a list of possible candidates for later addition to the series. It consists mostly of shows from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel/XD, 80's and 90's Saturday Morning Cartoons, and all types of different anime (mostly stemming from the 70's to the 2000's (especially the Mecha genre) or shows that were featured on Toonami & Adult Swim, and even a few that were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel).

This list is split into three sections, featured in alphabetical order (mostly): the main shows featured (a majority of the show's characters being represented throughout the show's run and their characterizations from their source material is kept completely intact or the use of some of the show's plot points, either because A, their original series storyline has already taken place in the show's timeline (i.e. the Super Robot pilots) or 2, their show is adapted entirely (i.e. Gundam ZZ)), minor roles (only one or a small handful of characters from a show are represented, with them either having the same characterization and history as their source material or their history is rewritten almost entirely to fit the show's plot), and cameos by season (shows or characters from said show that only appear for one season).

Main Shows Featured

Minor Roles/Reoccurring Appearances

Cameos (Mini-Series)

Cameos (Season 1)

L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. Creations

Cameos (Season 2)

Cameos (Season 3)

Other Types of References

In addition to the many, many shows that appear in the series in some way, shape or form, there are numerous other types of references to other shows, movies & other media in two different ways.

References in Dialogue

A majority of references are sprinkled into the dialogue of several episodes (mostly to elude to other adventures the Knights have been up to offscreen, or just to throw out a pop-culture reference), mostly in the second season:

  • Bob's Burgers, in a reference to a "disturbing girl with rabbit ears".
  • At the beginning of one episode, the team discusses having come back from an adventure in the Magiswords world, commenting on it wasn't really one of their best adventures, but also wasn't one of their worst ones. It just kind of... happened. Though it did feel like someone was sitting on the fast-forward button the entire time (a reference to the show's mixed reaction from audiences and critics).
  • In an episode where a group of the characters need to split up, Lapis says, "Come on Candace, we've all seen Scooby-Doo up to this point. That plan never works."

Visual References

Several references to other animated works include visual iconography from other prominent scenes in said works, many of which are actually used to emphasis pivotal moments in the series:

  • In Usagi and Atros's second fight, the two perform a cross-counter near the end of it, as seen in the classic boxing anime Ashita no Joe as a way to symbolize the formation of their rivalry for a majority of the first season, just as Joe and Rikiishi did (of course, its not used as many times as it is in Joe). It also sort of helps to show how strong Usagi truly is in her Sailor Guardian form, as she's able to deal Atros a good amount of damage.
  • Sort of like the Ashita no Joe reference, during a duel between Puru and Puru Two, Puru finishes the duel in a style based off of the RX-78-2's final shot at the end of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. However, unlike how that iconic fight, Puru's Gundam only cripples Puru Two's mobile suit, only blowing off its leg and sending it careening down to the ground. This is act as the first steps towards Puru Two's slow path towards redemption, rather than the two sisters forming a rivalry like Usagi and Atros did.

Other Candidates

This section is dedicated to shows that are up for consideration for inclusion in the series:

Western Animation

Mecha Anime

Other Anime


It should be heavily stressed that not every character, location, robot, and even technology featured in this series is a one-to-one adaptation of their original series depiction. One of the best examples of this is the M1 Astray: in its home series, Gundam SEED, it was used by the ORB Union, a peaceful nation that only fought back as a last resort. However, in KotM, they act as one of Axis Zeon's frontline units in their battles.

It should also be stressed that there will be no OC's (Original Characters) created by the writer/creator of this series featured in said series. All the characters presented in KotM originate from some type of already-existing animated series. The closest thing to something like this is characters having their powers expanded a little bit, or given a little twist on their fate in their home series's.

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