Lisa is a character from Super Dimension Century Orguss and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She's a MU Android, made to serve as a maintenance bot/maid/nurse, but was abandoned some time ago. Having a sophisticated A.I., she possesses a variety of skills from cooking to nursing to repairing most of the team's mechs with ease.

Personality Edit

Unlike her sister Mohm, Lisa is a lot less outgoing, acting very shy and nervous around other people due to how her previous owner threw her away. However, her love for her sisters often overcomes her insecurities, and though she might hesitate at first, she will always stand up against to any threat to protect them.

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Skills & Equipment Edit

  • Photon Power Core

Like most robots made on Earth Prime, Lisa is powered by a rechargeable Photon Power Core. When she runs out of energy, she enters a sleep mode of sorts, but is easily rechargeable.

  • Maintenance Skills

Being a maintenance bot, Lisa can easily repair nearly any mechanical device with relative ease, like being able to "mostly" repair a Super Robot in a matter of moments.

  • Medical Skills
  • Enhanced Strenght

Despite her small stature, Lisa is able to lift most heavy objects, such as Mech-Sized cannons, with relative ease.

  • Gadgets

Lisa has several gadgets stored in her chest access panel, including a power cord that she can connect to almost any electrical device to either power it up with her Photon Power core is able to hack into most electronics by connecting herself to them via a cable from her chest panel, a "heart monitor" that checks she pulls out to check her energy level, and a second scanner she uses to analyze human patients.

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Notes Edit

Lisa is named after Lisa Hayes from Robotech (or Misa Hayase in the original Macross version).

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