Lilulu is a character from Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops and is a major character in Knights of the Multiverse Season 1. She's a gynoid created by the EDC some time ago as an "infiltration-type android", but was abandoned after she was assumed to be destroyed in a busted sting operation. Some years later, she was found and repaired by the Crystal Knights.

Personality Edit

Though capable of showing as much emotion as any other android, Lilulu often doesn't show any, often coming off as cold and distant.

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Pre-Series Edit

Lilulu, or model number 111010, was created as an infiltration-type android, an android made into the shape of an innocent adolescent young girl that would be used for like hostage negotiations, where she would be sent in as an exchange hostage and then incapacitate (or eliminate if necessary) the criminals. However, during one case, when it seemed like all was going according to plan, the preparators had set explosive devices underneath the structure as a failsafe in case they were caught. As they made their escape, 111010 got caught in an explosion and was trapped underneath a heap of rubble, damaging her heavily and forcing her to shut down.

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Skills & Equipment Edit

  • Finger Laser

Lilulu can fire some sort of electric shockwave through her right index finger. It has two settings: stun to incapacitate living targets, and kill, where the shockwave becomes a blue laser that can blast through most metals. It can also act as a laser torch.

  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Super Strength

Thanks to being an android, Lilulu possesses superhuman strength.

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