Lapis Lazuli is a character from Steven Universe and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of The Knights, she aids them in their dimension-hopping, super robot fighting adventures.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Before the events of the series, Lapis was a very vulnerable character. Suffering from being trapped in a mirror for over nearly 6,000 years, and then used by others several times after she was freed, made her unable to easily let things go, making her stubborn and hesitant in cooperation or accepting any kind of help from others unless she had no other choice, though this mostly stems from simply mistrust towards others from previous encounters, but she was interested in opening up to people who offered her kindness. She also held a cynicism about herself which bordered on self-hatred, harboring a deep regret for her actions as Malachite, constantly grappling for some kind of control over her powers, but once she had it, she was scared that she'd do something bad with it. When confronted with an enemy stronger than herself, Lapis would usually display a defeatist and pessimistic approach, believing that putting up a struggle would only make the situation worse, but even from the beginning, she would fight back with all her might when push came to shove.

Her decision to face Unicron's Heralds and choosing to face the craziness of the Multiverse with her newfound friends have signaled a change in her from Season 1 onward; she's become much more relaxed and braver than she used to be. Forming a second home with her new friends has made her a lot happier, more confident, and joyful while visiting other worlds, though she can be aggressive and abrasive when dealing with evil forces. Sometimes she's even shown to be downright chipper and exuberant while assisting her colleagues with their silly antics. But, that doesn't mean that her past scars have gone away completely, as she does still have a fear of losing control and hurting her new friends, and she usually doesn't trust newcomers to the team when she meets them, being skeptical of them, but she'll usually come around once she's gotten a good idea of where their allegiances lie. She also harbored a profound fear of responsibility, such as immediately rebuffing when Sunset and Kamille offer her to be team captain for missions, but this has managed to mellow out with time.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

Mini-Series[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Water Manipulation[edit | edit source]

Lapis's gem gives her the ability to control any form of water, from a puddle to the entire ocean. She can then manipulate it any way she can think of, including:

  • Giant Fists

A pair of giant, watery fists that can either cover up her hands or stretch out long distances.

  • Flight

Lapis can create a pair of water wings from her gem that allow her to fly.

  • Barrier

Lapis is able to wrap herself, and anyone else in her immediate vicinity, in a water barrier. While not as strong as, say, the one's created by Sunset, it is strong enough to protect herself and anyone in it from machine gun/laser fire.

Combo Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Raging Whirlpool1

Combo attack w/ Tom Lucitor: Lapis and Tom mix their powers to create an enormous watery/fiery vortex.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Peridot[edit | edit source]

Jasper[edit | edit source]

Usagi Tsukino[edit | edit source]

Kamille Bidan[edit | edit source]

Sunset Shimmer[edit | edit source]

Tom Lucitor[edit | edit source]

Proving the old saying "opposites attract" still runs true, despite their opposite powers, Lapis and Tom are really good friends.

Catra[edit | edit source]

Amity Blight[edit | edit source]

Candace Flynn[edit | edit source]

Pacifica Northwest[edit | edit source]

Cosmo[edit | edit source]

Being the person that found her, Lapis was given the responsibility of looking after Cosmo (much to her chagrin at first). However, the water gem soon opened up to the young, winged android when she learned of her desire for freedom after kept in the lab like a bird trapped in a cage, obviously thinking back to her time trapped in the mirror.

Tobikage[edit | edit source]

At first, Lapis would always try to keep an eye on Tobikage whenever the robotic ninja appeared on the battlefield. Fairly understandable, seeing as how he cut off one of Cosmo's wings the first day they were... acquainted. Even when he joined the Knights along with his other android colleagues and was trying to redeem himself, she still kept him at arm's length, making sure he didn't pull any underhanded tricks.

Epsilon[edit | edit source]

When Epsilon joined the team, Lapis and her quickly bonded over their affirmation for the sea.

Notes[edit | edit source]

For the timeline of events, Lapis and Peridot's story starts up around season 3 of the original Steven Universe (the point in which most fans believe they were put on the back burner for the rest of the show's run), sometime before the events of Alone at Sea.

Lapis's inclusion in the main KotM cast is to try and develop her character a little more/better than in the original Steven Universe, since many people have criticized her character a lot for her lack of (or even rushed) development in the original series, and to distance herself from the criticisms some people have given her character (the selfish way she goes about dealing with her problems, often acting very toxic and abusive, and just generally uncomfortable around her), and even give some moments of self-reflection on the harm she's done to others (namely Jasper) in the past. In fact, an argument could be made that this was just what Lapis needed; to distance herself from a world that, for the most part, only brought her misery. Of course, remnants of her past do crop up every now and again, especially Jasper and the trauma both caused each other, and she will sometimes hop back over to the barn with Peridot every now and again, but her inclusion on the team is really a means for her to start completely fresh. Also her distrustful attitude towards others is toned down a bit more, so as to have another incident like Room for Ruby. And more importantly, so she doesn't pull off an incident like she did in Raising the Barn.

1Yes, this attack is named after the same attack used by Mermaidman from SpongeBob.

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