Lake (formerly known as Mirror Tulip (or M.T.)) is a character from Infinity Train and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She is a mirror version of Tulip Olson that came from the mysterious Train. Being a "sliver" or cracked reflection of Tulip, she has developed her own personality that does not reflect her prime counterpart. After being free from the train, she joined the Crystal Knights and their quest to aid any lost souls in the multiverse to find a new purpose.

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Lake tries to distinguish herself as much as possible from her Prime World counterpart. She's at first bitter about having to spend her life reflecting everything Tulip does, and has a dislike of coding to completely contrast Tulip's love of it. She's also much more open about needing help than Tulip is, a trait which she calls out Tulip on. She maintains a strong belief that everyone should be free to make their own choices, often being the most vocal member of the team towards their goals of freedom for all beings.

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  • Metallic Body

Like all Mirror People, Lake is near indestructible. She can survive falls and heavy strikes that would be considered fatal to an average human. Her body is, however, very heavy, but she was lifted up out of the mirror world by Tulip who held her briefly albeit under the strain of her counterpart’s weight.

  • Enhanced Strength

Lake's metallic body gives her super strength, as she is able to chop and break through solid objects like tree branches with her bare hands.

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