Kyoka Jiro, also known as Earphone Jack, is a character from My Hero Academia and is a regular reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse. She's a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. She and her classmates also frequently tutor Class 2-K.

Personality Edit

Though she usually enjoy socializing with others, and is usually nice and friendly, Kyoka is usually pragmatic, unenthusiastic and often teases her classmates that is mostly shown to those she finds irritating.

She often gesticulates through her elongated earlobes in place of her hands. She can also be quite aggressive, evidenced when she uses the Earphone Jacks her Quirk provides to physically punish people when provoked, or to keep them in line, most notably Kaminari and Mineta. During hero activities, however, Kyoka prefers smarter approaches, usually by coming up with a plan herself. She is surprisingly organized and makes sure to convey her ideas in a way that's easy to understand.

Despite how cold and indifferent she comes off as though, Kyoka also has a much more sensitive side, being very defensive towards her friends, empathetic with others' feelings and getting flustered when her talents and capabilities are brought up. While Kyoka is hard to unnerve or surprise, she is afraid of horror-based activities and has an aversion to nudity. She is a bit self-conscious about her looks as well.

She also has a strong love for rock music.

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Skills/Quirks Edit

  • Earphone Jack

Kyoka's Quirk gives her a pair of headphone jacks hanging from her earlobes. When the jacks are plugged into something, she can channel the sound of her heartbeat into it in the form of a violent vibration attack. She can also stretch them several meters, and can allow her to hear smaller sounds/vibrations from her surroundings.

  • Heartbeat Fuzz

Using special sound-amplifying items located on her forearms, Kyoka plugs her jacks into those amplifiers and slams them onto the floor, channeling a powerful heartbeat that causes the ground to shatter due to the enhanced vibrations.

  • Heartbeat Surround

Using the same sound-amplifying items from her Heartbeat Fuzz technique, Kyoka uses her jacks to remove the equipment pieces from her wrists and aim them towards a target, channeling a loud heartbeat that ignores conventional defenses and incapacitates foes.

Relationships Edit

Class 1-A Edit

Denki Kaminari Edit

Denki's cluelessness often makes him an easy target for all of Kyota's snarky comments.

Class 2-K Edit

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