Koji Kabuto is a character from Mazinger Z (1973) and a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of the Crystal Knights, he pilots Mazinger Z, later Mazinkaiser, and acts as an older brother character for Usagi.

Personality Edit

Koji is incredibly hot-blooded, hot-tempered, impulsive, reckless, and usually over-confident. He's a fierce combatant in Mazinger's cockpit, tearing through any opponent in his path, never backing down from a challenge even when Mazinger is badly beaten and can no longer fight. He also has a very bad temper, as shown when he speaks out against, well, any given authority figure, and will often rush into battles without a sound strategy. But, underneath his rough exterior, Koji does have a good heart that cares greatly about his friends and family, as shown by how much he cares for Sayaka and Usagi.

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

After he and the Mazinger team defeated the Myceane Empire, Koji spent the next few years fighting against other giant robots and monsters across the Earth, even teaming up with the Getter Team every so often.

Mini-Series Edit

On the final day of the Photon/Getter plan (the creation of Getter Unit 1), an alert came in of some new giant robot attacking a city. With the Getter Team out on patrol, Tetsuya got a head start in Great, with Koji making his way to the scene in Z soon after. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it as he flew through a red portal that suddenly appeared right in front of him. When he flew through, Koji crashed into a forest, damaging Z's Scrander. Knowing better than to just sit on his butt in such a strange place, Koji soon got up and took a look around. Sure enough, he found a couple of young ladies being attacked by a group of one-eyed mechanical freaks. He and Z quickly made scrap out of them, and after "formally" introducing himself to them, brought them onboard to look for some kind of answer as to their whereabouts.

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Like the rest of the team, Koji was taken aback by Star's sudden departure for Mewni. Unlike the others though, Koji had a suspicion that Moon didn't want them to get involved because of her stinking pride. After quickly deciding on going, Pink put together a small team to follow Star, consisting of Koji, Tetsuya, Jun, and of course Usagi and Tom. The group soon boarded onto Tidal Wave, along with Z and Great, and transwarped to Mewni. There, they set down next to the Butterfly Castle, with Tetsuya having Koji, Shannon, Tom and Usagi onboard Z and look for Star while the rest of them assess the situation at the castle.

Abilities & Equipment Edit

Piloting Edit

While he could have been better when he began piloting Z, Koji soon developed enough skills that allow him to drive or pilot nearly any kind of machine.

Photon Pistol Edit

Like most of his fellow pilots, Koji carries with him a small photon laser pistol.

Relationships Edit

Sayaka Yumi Edit

Sayaka is Koji's fighting partner and main love interest. Though the two get into regular daily arguments (most of the time with Koji being the one who started them), they share an undying duty to protect the other from harm.

Tetsuya Tsurugi Edit

Koji's temper has a tendency to clash with Tetsuya's more often then not, but they both still look out for each other, both as Mazinger pilots on the battlefield and as brothers off it (which, well, they are).

Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Jin & Michiru Saotome Edit

As fellow super robot pilots, Koji respects Ryoma, Hayato and Michiru as brothers/sisters-in-arms. Though he and Ryoma sometimes get into feuds about strategies, he's usually compliant towards his instructions.

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Koji acts as an older brother towards Usagi. Thanks to his history of taking care of his brother Shiro, Koji is able to deal with some of her more explosive outbursts. He'll hear out any of her issues and try to help her with any of his issues however he can.

VesVes Edit

As was typical for whenever he met one of his fans, Koji thought of VesVes as another excitable fangirl. Like the others though, Koji was suspicious of her when she just randomly gave Usagi and Isabella tickets to the Dead Moon Circus, but warmed up to her when they learned that it was nothing more than a way to get him and the team to see their show.

Star Butterfly Edit

Koji usually acts Star's cool, trouble-making older brother. Though taking more of a responsible role with Usagi, Koji tends to be more loose with Star, often showing her some of the more "out there" places and activites of Earth. He'll even have the gull to stand up to Star's own mother if he feels it. Like with Usagi and Sayaka, he'll lash out in fury if she's done any harm.

Pink Diamond Edit

Koji will usually be the first one to point out any faults in one of Pink's plans, but he has the utmost faith in her ability to grow as a leader, and, depending on his mood, will usually follow her orders without question.

Dani Phantom Edit

Though the two don't often interact, Koji still appreciates the effort that Dani puts into the team, especially with how she takes care of Usagi when he and Sayaka aren't available. He also enjoys aiding her in some of her pranks when he's really bored.

Noriko Takaya Edit

Kazumi Amano Edit

Lapis Lazuli Edit

After Usagi convinces Lapis to stay with the team, Koji takes Lapis under his wing and teaches her how to hone her incredible powers of the ocean, even relating to how destructive powers correlate to how his grandfather told him that he could use Mazinger's power to be a God or a Devil.

Asuka Langley Sohryu Edit

Koji and Asuka often butt heads thanks to their hot-headed natures. Unlike other hot heads though, when she first arrived, Asuka in particular got on his nerves for how she'd pick on some of the other Knights, even getting a little too personal. The last straw came when she insulted Usagi when she was having nightmares of Black Lady again, causing him to give her the following quote:

"If there's one kind of punk that I hate more than a jackass wanting to take over the world, its brats like you that think that they can pick on smaller people just because they can. So you had a crappy childhood. Tough. Almost everyone in this base has some kind of family issues or something just as bad. That doesn't give you any excuse to treat everyone else like crap. So I suggest that you either adjust your attitude or we can throw you back onto the streets where Ryo found you. And word of advise: unless you do change your tone, stay away from Usagi. Because trust me, you don't wanna know what I'll do to you if you do."

Moon Butterfly Edit

Koji and Moon have a rocky relationship to say the least. He'll lash out at her whenever he thinks that she's blaming Star for events out of her control. Their dynamic was put to the ultimate test during the Battle for Mewni arc, when Moon took Star back to Earth because she didn't want the rest of the Knights to get involved. When Pink sent him and a small team to search for the two of them and subsequently found them, Koji was fast to get on her case for leaving them behind. While still at each other's throats throughout the majority of the arc, when it seems as though Toffee killed Star, they were both some of the first to attack Toffee in retaliation, and afterwards, came to a mild alliance.