The Knights of the Multiverse Mini-Series is the technical first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. It is a collection of thirteen episodes detailing the formation of The Knights, and their attempts to defend their homes against the threat of the Heralds of Unicron.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

All incomplete episode titles and synopses will be marked as TBA, aka To Be Announced.

Episode Title Ep # Synopsis
A Strange Twist of Fate! The Meeting of the Warriors! 1 Fourteen strangers find themselves in a mysterious forest and are confronted by mysterious droids, before they learn of a madman named Prince Dimande who plots to destroy all of space and time.
Entering the Big Leagues! 2 A mysterious machine appear and suddenly attacks Starscream, but before the others can get a grip on the situation, they fall through another portal where they encounter a legion of superheroes.
Untitled Mewni/Orange Rainbow Crystal Episode 3 TBA
Untitled Yellow Rainbow Crystal Episode 4 TBA
Crystal Tokyo 5 TBA
Untitled Earth Prime/Green Rainbow Crystal Episode Part 1 6 TBA
Untitled Earth Prime/Green Rainbow Crystal Episode Part 2 7 TBA
The Citadel of Pricks 8 The team searches for the Blue Rainbow Crystal on what seems to be some type of citadel numerous versions of two guys. All of which seem to be jerks.
Untitled Indigo Rainbow Crystal Episode 9 TBA
The Center of the Multiverse 10 The team tries to find the Violet Rainbow crystal at the center of the multiiverse. And it's not quite what they expected.
Black Lady 11 TBA
Stop the Heralds! Neo Sailor Moon! 12 TBA
The Final Blow! All-Out Assault on Unicron! 13 TBA

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This season's story is heavily inspired by DC and Marvel's events like Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Infinity Gauntlet & The Infinity War, with a collection of characters coming together during a cataclysmic event that threatens all of reality to do battle with an ancient, cosmic evil. However, it is also made to incorporate plot points from some of the shows featured this season; most prominently are Sailor Moon's Black Moon Arc (with elements from both the 90's anime and Crystal interpretations of the story) and Transformers Energon. It's also meant to serve as a sequel to the Zeta Gundam: A New Translation film trilogy and the original Phineas and Ferb series.

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