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Welcome to the Knights or the Mulitverse wiki. From cartoons to anime to even Tokusatsu (Super Sentai, Ultraman, Godzilla), explore the worlds of one of the most unlikely teams of heroes to take a stand against evil from across the Multiverse.


This series is meant to be a fan-written story based on already-existing TV shows and movies. It is NOT meant to be a substitute for any of the characters, mecha, borrowed storylines and anything else presented or even a straight adaptation of any of the aforementioned elements featured in the story. Almost everything present in this series is meant to differ from their source material - this is the intent of the author, so please don't change anything on any pages - or for that matter create any pages without permission.

  • However, if you have any suggestions for characters & plot ideas and such, please leave them in the comment sections of any character/mech page or leave it in Discussions.At this moment, this series (and by extension, this wiki) is still in its planning stage, so characters and plot points will appear, disappear and changes their roles entirely seemingly at random. Don't worry though, this is intentional, it is simply the development process to see what sticks in the series.
  • That said, fair warning, expect major spoilers for very important moments in the series when they come up, including character deaths, so be advised.

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  • Some of the characters/events presented on this series/wiki are alternate takes that are mostly very different from their original versions. These are simply different interpretations that the creator wanted to put in just because he thought it would be cool. This is a series made for fun and should not be considered canon or replacements to any series featured.
  • Many of the images used for this wiki (especially for character pages, including their profile pictures and some images in the galleries) are either traced-over images of the characters or screenshots from each product's respective shows. This is simply to give the audience reference material to go off of.

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