The Knightly Inn is an important location in The Knights of the Multiverse. It was an old, abandoned hotel that The Knights managed to fix up (aside from a couple floors) and convert into their own private living space.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Before being found, the Knightly Inn was just another casual six-floored hotel that closed down several years ago. No one's really sure why (or even cares), but judging from the shape the upper floors are in, it was most likely due to some kind of fire.

Season 1 Edit

Since the majority of Season 1 takes place on Earth Prime, this is the season that features the Knightly Inn the most.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Floors Edit

Basement (Robot Morgue) Edit

One of the less popular spots in the Inn to say the least, this is where the Knights keep the deactivated bodies of their fallen android comrades, in the hopes that one day they might be able to repair them.

1st Floor (Ground Floor/Lobby) Edit

  • Front Desk

Since they're don't exactly need to check in and out of the building, the hotel's front desk mainly acts as the building's security system, with various security monitors located underneath the counter that connect to the various cameras located around the facility (aside from the bedrooms for privacy reasons). It's also able to patch into news broadcasts and can cast onto the TV in the Den.

  • "The Den"

The most popular spot in the Inn, "the Den" as everyone calls it, is positioned around the back part of the lobby, and has a large turnabout couch with a large TV hanging over a fireplace.

  • Mess Hall

A large area made up of chairs and tables where the "guests" have their meals and share stories from their worlds.

  • Food Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Darrell's Spare Body Closet

A small closet where Darrell keeps about 4-6 of his spare bodies.

  • Med/Repair Bay
  • Patio

A little patio just to the side of the mess hall filled with potted plants, a couple of tables with umbrellas, and several board games.

2nd Floor Edit

This floor is the first to have rooms. Each room houses one or two team members. This floor contains rooms for the pre-adolescent team members.

3rd Floor Edit

This floor is the second on to contain rooms, mainly rooms for the teen/adult members.

Top Floors Edit

The top floors to the building are completely unsalvageable. Its unknown as to why, but was most likely burned down in a fire or destroyed in a mech battle.

 Hanger Edit

Right next to the main Inn is a small make-shift hanger made specifically to hold their personal mechs and some of their more heavy artillery/equipment. This is usually where the Zeta, Mk-II, both Xabungle units, the Orguss units, and the Re-GZ are stored.

Notes Edit

The building's name is obviously a pun on "nightly".

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