Kenichi Aoi is a character from Chodenji Robo Voltes V and is a regularly-appearing supporting character in The Knights of the Multiverse. The eldest son of Hyoma and Chizuru Aoi, he is the leader/head pilot of Voltes V.

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Like his father before him, Kenichi is the Voltes team's hot-blooded leader. Thankfully though, unlike his father, Kenichi acts much more patient with his teammates. Stern and selfless, he is rarely one to indulge in personal pursuits that might be detrimental to their cause and he often decides on the best course of action in most of the team's numerous predicaments.

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Due to his hot temper, Kenichi often clashes with Ippei's more cynical attitude, often resulting in fierce fisticuffs, though the two share no ill will and eventually get along better.

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The original Voltes V had no continuity with Combattler V. So to tie the two shows closer together, Kenichi (along with his brother)

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