Kamiile Bidan is the main character of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and is the deuteragonist in The Knights of the Multiverse. The pilot of the Zeta Gundam, after the Gryps War, he helped to form the Crystal Knights to combat other evils throughout the Multiverse.

Personality Edit

War has changed Kamille, and not much for the better. The Gryps Conflict has molded him from an emotionally vulnerable, angst-ridden teenager to a true soldier, though he still tends to be brash and thoughtless towards some of his new colleagues.

However, he does sometimes wish he could go back to his normal life before joining the Gryps Conflict. While he takes his job as a pilot as seriously as he did then, it wasn't a job he was prepared to go all the way on, not to mention it required him to work with people he sometimes strongly disagreed with. In fact, that's part of the reason why he enjoys being around the other Knights so much, since it helps him remember more peaceful times, and helps him keep a clear head. He's also developed a distaste for battle due to his war experiences, but still has a strong will to fight against anyone who wants to step on the little guy.

He still hates it when someone calls him a girl because of his girly-sounding name, though.

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Skills & Equipment Edit

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Piloting Skills

Newtype Abilities Edit

Like a select few in the Universal Century, Kamille is considered a Newtype, a new state of human evolution to help them adapt to life in space. This gives him access to several otherwise supernatural abilities, such as precognition, faster reflexes, heightened mental awareness, and even telepathy.

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Starscream Edit

At first, Kamille held Starscream in contempt after their duel, not believing him saying that he didn't remember, only holding off after hearing Koji and Ryoma's testiments. However, after the team's first fight with Megatron, he finally came to an understanding of Starscream's situation, and put his differences with him aside to defeat the Black Moon Clan and Unicron. From then on, the two became good allies, often sharing both friendly and competitive dialogue in battles.

Koji Kabuto & Ryoma Nagare Edit

While Kamille felt uneasy towards Koji and Ryoma when the three first met (what with how much they seemed to enjoy piloting their mobile suits and fight), as they've gotten closer, he's come to thing of them as his wingmen, having his back in battles, helping him train, and even giving him a few tips on how to "improve" his relationship with Fa. He also took solace in knowing that, like him, they were once normal kids before becoming pilots to fight the good fight.

Noriko Takaya, Kazumi Amano & Asuka Langley Soryu Edit

Like Lieutenant Quattro before him, Kamille helps to train some of the new pilots.

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Notes Edit

This version of Kamille is the one seen in the Zeta Gundam: A New Translation film trilogy timeline. In fact, in the series proper, his story begins right at the tail end of the third movie.

Kamille's dynamic with Koji and Ryoma is a nod to his mentor Quattro Bajeena, with based off of his dynamic with his own wingmen, Roberto and Apolly Bay.

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