Jinmay is a character from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go and is a reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. An android of unknown origin, she joins the Crystal Knights in their crusade to help those in need across the Mulitverse and to possibly finally find the answers to her past.

Personality Edit

Despite being an intense fighter in battle, Jinmay is generally a rather sweet and polite girl, with a somewhat child-like innocence surrounding her, which sometimes results in extreme naivete on her part. She cares deeply about her teammates, seeing them as her new family and worries about them often. Though she has become braver upon joining the Crystal Knights, she still has her kind heart.

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Pre-Series Edit

t's unknown who created Jinmay or for what purpose, especially regarding her robotic powers, but she's found floating through space by her world's enemy force, the Skeleton King. He brought her to his Citadel of Bone, and erased her memories. He sent her to Shuggazoom City along with Sakko, one of his agents, in attempting to eliminate his arch foes, the Hyperforce. At this point, she's unaware that she's a robot, and knows Sakko only as her pet.

There, Jinmay meets the Hyperforce's leader, a young man named Chiro after he defended her from a couple of bullies. The two became quick friends, and began to have feelings for one another. However, she was shocked when Sakko and Skeleton King revealed her true identity as a robot, later Skeleton King transforms her into a large robot and have her attack Shuggazoom City. During the attack, Hyperforce intercepted her in the Super Robot, and they fight. But just as she is about to win, Chiro reminds her of all the good memories they both shared together, but her body stops fighting the Hyperforce when Sakko, who's controlling her body, got shot by Nova, which made her turn back to normal. Shortly afterwards, she left Shuggazoom in attempt to learn more about her origins.

Unfortunately, even after several Earth months of searching, she found nothing. Every planet she searched, every system she explored, she couldn't find anything about herself or who could've created her. Still desperate, she continued her search, but was suddenly pulled into some kind of wormhole.

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  • Jet Boots
  • Laser Eyes

Jinmay is able to fire red lasers from her eyes.

  • Armor

Similarly to Colossus from the X-Men comics, Jinmay is able to activate an armor shell that covers her entire body. This armor allows her to take a considerable amount of damage from lasers and missiles.

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