Jethro Boxman is a character from OK K.O. Let's be Heroes and is a supporting character in The Knights of the Multiverse. A robot created by Lord Boxman, Jethro usually serves as the role of sentry for the Crystal Knights.

Personality Edit

Jethro has the personality of a typical robot; that is to say, not much of one at all, as apparent by how all he can say is "I am Jethro." That said, he does show he has some personality traits hidden underneath, such as how he willingly assisted his siblings in escaping from Boxmore.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Like the rest of his siblings, Jethro was originally created by Lord Boxman to destroy the heroes protecting Gar's Bodega. However, much like his brother Darrell, Jethro would usually multiple duplicate units whenever he attacks.

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Mega-Jethro Edit

Mega-Jethro is a larger model of Jethro, though it has the same variety of weapons systems. This model is usually used for underwater expeditions alongside Getter Poseidon, as well as scouting more dangerous terrains.

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