Jet is a character from Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos and is a major reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse. Coming from the planet Chronos, he's a user of his world's Tenku Shin Ken (True Sky Sword) style and is able to transform in a jet fighter.

Personality Edit

Jet is the residental lone wolf, preferring to do things on his own rather than ask his colleagues for aid. While he does believe in battling evil-doers and protecting the weak like his comrade Rom, he prefers to go in alone if given the opportunity, though he knows it's not a wise tactic against larger opponents. He also doesn't really like working alongside organics in general: not out of malice, mind you, he just feels that they're too weak to deal with some of the more dangerous opponents the team goes against.

Jet often displays his cold side and to many it seems like it was all there was in him. But if one would take the time to look a little deeper into his character, it would find a loyal guardian with a caring heart who was willing to risk everything to protect his new home and his newfound brothers and sisters. He's very protective of the younger Knights, especially the other robots like Mohm, thinking that exposing them to danger was not the deed of a responsible hero.

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

  • Transformation

Jet is able to change into a small fighter jet. In this form, he's able to reach great speeds and can fire multiple laser shots from two small cannons on his wings.

  • Sword

A gift from his master Kirai Stol, Jet has a powerful blade that he holds in a hilt on his hip. It is strong enough to cut through most metals, it will break under enough pressure.

Relationships Edit

Drill Edit

Drill is Jet's closest friend. Having both been trained by Kirai Stol, the two are a classic odd couple, with Jet usually being the one to pull Drill out of the fire when he does something stupid.

Starscream Edit

Jet and Starscream often clash in their ideas, mostly due to Starscream often running in without a plan. However, the two do have a mutual respect for each other.(helped by how both are coincidentally jet-forming sword wielders)

Catra Edit

Notes Edit

Since Rom isn't in the series himself, Jet has taken the honor of doing Rom's Sergio Leone-style mid-episode entrances, even down to using the same background music.

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