Jasper is a character from Steven Universe and a main character introduced in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. She serves as the general of Pink Diamond's Amethyst and Jasper guard on Earth.

Personality Edit

Compared to her original counterpart, Jasper is much tamer. While still a fierce, competitive fighter, she displays traits more similar to that of a tough-guy, older sibling, even down to locking her fellow knights into a headlock and giving them a noogie.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

When Pink Diamond set up her base on Earth, she also immediately began the creation of a kindergarten to create her army of Quartz soldiers.

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Season 3 Edit

Abilities Edit

Helmet: Like most gems, Jasper is able to summon a weapon. In her case, she's able to summon an orange helmet with a visor which helps her to headbutt or smash into opponents.

Speed Dash: Jasper is able to charge up into a ball and rocket forward, ramming into her opponent.

Jasper Helmet

Jasper with her helmet on.

Relationships Edit

Pink Diamond Edit

Pearl Edit

Jasper and Pearl share a "friendly" rivalry.

Ryoma Nagare Edit

Similar to Pink's relationship with him, Ryoma acts as a mentor to Jasper, teaching her about leadership and strength.

The Famethyst Edit

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Notes Edit

Unlike her original counterpart, her outfit has pink highlights similar to the rest of the Famethysts.