Jack is a character from Samurai Jack and is a minor character introduced in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. After defeating the evil demon Aku, he was flown across the Multiverse, where he met up with several other heroes to battle against any evil that appears (sound familiar?).

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After returning home, and still unable to age due to the effects of Aku's portal, Jack kept himself busy by exploring his home once more and readjust to his surroundings. Though occasionally aiding villages and strangers from bandits and rogues, he had sworn to never be involved in major adventures again.

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In the middle of his journey, Jack fell through a mysterious red portal. Landing in a large field of grass, Jack was both confused and enraged, thinking that he had been flung into another future, or even worse, somehow Aku had actually managed to survive and this was another one of his tricks.

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