Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is a character from Phineas and Ferb and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. The leader of Fireside Girl Troop 46231, she often assists the Crystal Knights in their adventures.

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Isabella is typically cheerful, fearless, optimistic, and easy to get along with. With her newfound spot on the Crystal Knights, she's always eager to help out wherever she can and is always excited to go on some crazy, new adventure. Thanks to her experience as Fireside Girl troop leader, she usually level-headed in most emergencies and can come up with creative methods to get the team out of sticky situations. However, as nice as she can be, she can also get very angry. She hates being talked down to, least of all being told what to do by bullies and bad guys. She also has a problem whenever someone else uses her catchphrase: "Whatcha doin'?", often confronting the violator physically.

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Like many people on Earth Prime, Isabella was inspired by Ryoma's heroic feats & skills as a leader is what inspired her to become as great a leader as she could be for her own team.

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