Honey Kisaragi is the titular character of the Cutie Honey franchise and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. Though having the appearance of a 16 year old girl, she was actually originally a human before having her mind and memories transferred in an android body by her late father and uses a device he created called the Airborne Element Fixing Device that transforms her into Cutie Honey, the Warrior of Love (her words, not mine). Her attractive figure and her friendly demeanor has made her very popular among the populace on Earth Prime, regardless of gender. Her heroics are also what inspired the rise of other super-powered androids (for better or for worse).

Personality[edit | edit source]

Honey is genuinely carefree, well-mannered and friendly to the people she meets, loving and cherishing the bonds with everyone around her. In the heat of battle, she's a fierce warrior, standing strong against the strongest & largest of foes, and never shows remorse to foes that mindlessly endanger innocent lives.

In stark contrast though, while she has matured a great deal since her battles against Panther Claw, and while aiding the Allied Robot Corps in the Imperial Wars, she still enjoys teasing and pulling pranks on teammates just like she used to in her school days, even sometimes being called a "class clown".

Overtime, as more and more free-thinking androids were created (and she adopted Agnes and Honey Jr.), both with powers like her and more domesticated robots, started cropping up, Honey became a prominent advocate for robot rights, believing that any kind of robot that was just as alive as her had a right to live just as much as any normal human (well, as long as they aren't trying to destroy the planet at least).

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

When the original Honey Kisaragi was 16 years old girl, she was caught in an "unknown" accident which left her body broken beyond repair. And, as is standard for most scientific parents, her father Dr. Kisaragi built an android body for Honey to use.

Honey wouldn't learn the truth about her "rebirth" for several more months, when her father was killed by Panther Claw, an organization who were looking for the Airborne Element Fixing Device to obtain "unlimited wealth". Realizing her new abilities, Honey assumed the form of Cutie Honey for the first time and battled against a small group of Claw's goons and one of their grunts, Black Claw.

After the fight, as Honey mourned over her father's death, Koji comforted her, relating her own struggle ot how he lost his mom and dad too, and swore to help her however he could. Over the course of her early adventures, Honey frequently battled against Panther Claw's forces while keeping her school life at St. Chapel Academy in check while also playing pranks on her teachers. She also got help from Koji and his younger brother Shiro, to which she often repaid the favor by sometimes aiding him when he started piloting Mazinger Z.

A few months after the end of the Imperial Wars, Honey was out on one of her shopping sprees (she's WAS still a teenager at the time) when she noticed what looked like a teenage girl, only a few years younger than her, stealing a handful of old power cells. She quickly gave chase, and as she cornered the young girl, she explained her story: she was an android, and only stole the cells so she and her friend, another, younger looking android also named Honey. Feeling pity for the duo, Honey offered them a place to stay at her father's old house, since it was far enough out of reach of anyone from the Science Faculty, keeping it secret from anyone, even Koji. There, she decided to give her the older android the name Agnes, since it just seemed really cute, and to avoid confusion between the two, she called the smaller Honey "Honey Jr.". The trio would only continue to grow close for the next eight years.

Mini-Series[edit | edit source]

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Skills & Equipment[edit | edit source]

Honey's android body consists of a mechanical skeleton and brain within a body composed of living organic cells from her old human body. Through the Airborne Element Fixing Device, Honey is able to manipulate the air molecules in the air to create objects and change her appearance. However, she needs to eat a lot of calories to use the device as it quickly depletes her energy. She is also able to use her anti-gravity boots when pulling up her knee-socks, glasses that grant her X-ray vision, and earrings that can amplify audio from short distances.

Honey has a large array of transformations and disguises, her most common personae including:

  • Cutie Honey (heroine): Honey's most used form, a swords-woman with red/pink hair alternatively known as . This form is four times as strong and athletic as the average human, able to leap stories in a single jump. She also has a selection of weapons:
    • The aforementioned anti-gravity boots that allow her to run on walls and ceilings.
    • Silver Fleurette: Her sword.
    • Honey Boomerang:
    • Honey Beam: A laser beam that fires from her choker.
  • Hurricane Honey (biker): A woman who is "cool" with her motorcycle, anytime she needs to escape. Besides motorcycles, she's able to pilot generally any other vehicle. Second to Cutie Honey, this is Honey's second most used form.
  • Misty Honey (singer): A rock star with a dusty voice, who uses her microphone as a weapon.
  • Idol Honey (stewardess): A woman disguised as a flight attendant, usually used for spying.
  • Flash Honey (cameraman): A reporter who blinds her opponents with her camera's "flash" for distractions for either getaways or to buy time for another transformation.
  • Fancy Honey (model): A classy model who uses a long-stick cigar as a weapon.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Honey Jr. & Agnes[edit | edit source]

As her adoptive daughters, Honey Jr. and Agnes are the most important people in Honey's life. After protecting and raising them for more than eight years, she will immediately drop everything to rush to one of their defenses.

Koji Kabuto[edit | edit source]

Koji is one Honey's oldest friends, both having been friends since childhood (long before the incident that turned Honey into an android). Ever since they were kids, the two would frequently pull silly pranks on their teachers & classmates and get each other out of fights (mostly involving bullies). This carried over when the two started their own heroic journeys, with the two frequency having each other's backs in their battles against the forces of evil . After the end of the Imperial Wars though, the two went their separate ways, only having brief meet-ups in the ensuing decade. However, thanks to the two forming the Knights, the two have rekindled their old bond, with it possibly being stronger than before thanks to their years of experience in battle.

Emily[edit | edit source]

Thanks to her connections to Koji and Sayaka, and her transformation ability being based off of her Airborne Element Fixing Device, Honey considers Emily her niece, and as such, she loves her very much.

Sayaka Yumi[edit | edit source]

Getter Team[edit | edit source]

Hiroshi Shiba[edit | edit source]

Honey and Hiroshi have a very... complicated dynamic. One would think that due to both of them being saved from the brink of death, they would share a common bond. They do not. Rather, he prefers to simply poke fun at her for her robotic origins, even mocking how "at least his dad managed to save his human body".

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Starscream[edit | edit source]

Atros, Lorelai and the other Androids[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

While this version of Honey is based off of the character from the 1973 anime, her character model is the one used in the Cutie Honey Flash series, mostly to tie her closer to Usagi since it and the original Sailor Moon anime had the same animation teams (it also seems to be the series with the least amount of fan service, so that helps).

Honey's main purpose in KotM is to act as a mother hen of sorts for all the robot characters (even the bigger bots like the Transformers).

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