Hayato Jin is a character from Getter Robo (1974) and Is a main character in The Knights of the Multiverse. He is a member of the former Getter Team and is a commanding officer of the EDC, working closely with The Knights and his old companions of the New Photon/Saotome Labs in missions, especially during their war against L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N..


A master of strategy, Hayato acts with a general no-nonsense attitude who does whatever he feels is necessary. He will usually be the one coming up with battle tactics and giving "helpful" suggestions to the rest of the team. He's also well known for his brutal honesty, as he believes that there's no point in spreading lies to "make someone feel better".



Season 1

Season 2


Ryoma Nagare

Ryoma and Hayato are close comrades, with Hayato acting as sub-leader of Getter Team. Though the two still get into arguments about certain strategies, they've both still got each other's backs in the pilot's seats and out.

Michiru Saotome

Koji Kabuto & Tetsuya Tsurugi

As long-standing partners in battle on their earth, Hayato considers Koji and Tetsuya as brothers-in-arms.

The Knights


Like Ryoma, Hayato's character model used in KotM is the same one used from his appearance in the Getter Robo ArmageddonOVA, with some slight adjustments to match his appearance in the 1974 anime. For his appearance in flashbacks, his model is based off the one used in Super Robot Wars X Omega.

Hayato's role as a commanding officer in the EDC is meant to be a twist on his roles in Shin vs Neo and Armageddon, where he acts as the leader/commanding officer of the team in some way (in SvN, it was acting as trainer of the New Getter Team and in Armageddon, it was acting as the leader of a massive ground battleship called the Tower along with a small army of Super Robots to fight resurfaced alien Invaders).

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