The XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock (or Gundam Zero-Four), is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and is a robot introduced in Knights of the Multiverse Season 2. Piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner, it is the second of five Gundams sent down to Earth from the Space Colonies in Operation Meteor.

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Armaments Edit

  • Vulcan Guns
  • Homing Missiles
    • Rather than machine cannons like the other Gundams, the Sandrock has a small automatic tracking missile stored in both its shoulders.
  • Heat Shotel
    • Sandrock's main weapons, these heat-radiating curved blades can cut an enemy in half with each hand simultaneously. When required, they can also be used as throwing weapons.
  • Shield
    • Designed with a snake-head motif, the Sandrock has a shield that features two claws/fangs, and two shield flashes as eyes, that can release a blinding flash from its "eyes" to confuse enemies.
      • Cross Crusher
        • By combining Sandrock's shield and heat shotels, it can capture an enemy mobile suit in between the shotels and then cuts them in half.
  • Beam Machine Gun
    • A handheld machine gun in the shape of a micro Uzi for mid-range combat.

Special Equipment Edit

  • Self-Destruct System
    • The Sandrock has a built-in self-destruct device. Acting as a last resort, a remote detonator is placed within the cockpit and if a dire situation arrive, the pilot will trigger an explosion, which will immediately overload its systems and has enough explosive power to destroy several city blocks.

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