The RX-178 Gundam Mark-II is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and is a robot prominently featured in The Knights of the Multiverse. It is a successor of the famous RX-78-2 Gundam that served in the One Year War. After the Gryps War, it was used by the Crystal Knights in many of its battles, where it became sort of a revolving door for pilots, with Fa Yuiry piloting it during the battle with the Heralds of Unicron, then by its original pilot Kamille Bidan in the first season against L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., and then finally staying with Elpeo Puru in Season 2.

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  • Vulcan Pod

Unlike most mobile suits, the Mk-II doesn't have vulcan guns attached to its head due to the enlargement of the head unit's co-processor system. Rather, it can be outfitted with an external vulcan machine gun pod. The left side of the pod houses two 60mm Vulcan guns that fire alternatively, while the right houses the counter weight and the guns' magazine loaded with 1,400 caseless rounds, and both sides are linked by an ammunition belt.

  • Beam Rifle

A standard beam rifle

  • Beam Sabers

The Mk-II has two beam sabers attached to its jump pack.

  • Clay Bazooka

Though originally designed to fire adhesive rounds that would immobilize enemy machines rather than destroy them outright, this large bazooka is able to fire several types of ammunition, and it's normally used with conventional explosive shells. It's capable of carrying seven rounds per clip plus an extra round in the chamber.

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