The Gunbuster is the titular mech of Aim for the Top: Gunbuster and is a robot that appears around the end of season one of The Knights of the Multiverse. Created as a new self-defense system against invading alien forces, it became a main-stay of The Crystal Knights after the battle against Gigantis. With its large size (standing at about 240 ft), it is the team's last line of defense.

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Forms Edit

Buster Machine 1 Edit

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

  • Buster Beam
    • Gunbuster can fire a large, piercing beam from the middle of its head crest.
  • Buster Tomahawk
  • Buster Missile
    • A large missile emerges from each of Gunbuster's fingertips, and fires a large volley of them at its target.
  • Homing Laser
    • A barrage of lasers that fire from Gunbuster's hands.
  • Buster Collider
    • The armor on Gunbuster's forearms separate and several electric spikes that allow it tor release an enormous electric wave towards its opponent or, when embedded into another mech, releases a strong voltage into the target that's strong enough to tear an opponent's limbs apart. They're also capable of absorbing large amounts of electricity as well, and there are additional Colliders stored in the leg units.
  • Super Inazuma Kick

Notes Edit

Not counting its shoulders, Gunbuster comes up to 240 meters/787 feet tall, making it the tallest piloted mech in the Crystal Knights' arsenal.

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