The Great Booster Mk-II is a vehicle from Mazinkaiser (2001) and is a vehicle featured throughout The Knights of the Multiverse. Using the blueprints of the original Great Booster, it is a large rocket-like jet fighter that acts as a support unit for the Crystal Knights, as well as a short-range drop ship for smaller teams. Later on, the rocket is upgraded with the Big Shooters'Shooters when Hiroshi Shiba and Jeeg join the team. It is operated via remote control from Crystal Headquarters.

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Equipment Edit

  • Lasers
    • The Great Booster has four machine gun ports close to its cockpit.
  • Missiles
    • The Great Booster has two large missile launchers built into the middle of its wings.
  • Cockpit Spike
    • The Great Booster's most prominent feature, it has a huge spike adorned on its cockpit that pierces through most mechs immediately upon contact.
  • Shooters
    • Taken from Jeeg's Big Shooter, two large cannons are added onto the wings that fire the Jeeg parts, including some of its other weapons like the Mach Drills and Jeeg Bazooka.
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