Glemy Toto is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and is the one of the main antagonists of Knights of the Multiverse Season 2. Originally a loyal soldier to Haman Karn and Axis Zeon, he eventually started up a coup with his own group of troops, the (creatively named) Glemy Faction. He's also responsible for the development of the Moblie Doll System.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike many other Neo Zeon soldiers, Glemy is honorable, chivalrous, and sometimes even goofy. He condemns the use of underhanded strategies in battle, such as using hostages, and believes in refined manners, believing both men and women should act and behave in a sophisticated demeanor, while thinking lowly of those who do not. His good nature does makes him very gullible however, as shown by him being deceived numerous times by others, on top of that his acts of chivalry more than often make him appear as a fool. He's also very practical, as he came up with the idea of the Mobile Doll system when he realized how many good men they had lost in this dimensional war and saw them as a means of replenishing their forces, and maybe even make them even stronger. He does have another less-honorable side to him, though; beneath his good and foolish demeanor, he's shown to be heartless and manipulative. This was demonstrated several times, like when he abandoned Puru when she was defeated and appeared as though she was going to die, and later when he manipulated Puru Two to make her a merciless soldier and make up for her "sister's" failure. As such, Glemy could be compared to a horse breeder, raising his subordinates's spirits up with a friendly demeanor, but deserting them when they don't meet his expectations or fail him. Despite this, all of his traits do make him a good leader, shown by how others willingly follow him and are inspired by him.

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