The Getter Team is the name of the team of pilots that control the Getter Robo robots. They also function as some of the commanding officers of the Crystal Knights.

Members Edit

  • Ryoma Nagare: The leader of the team, pilot of the main Getter unit.
  • Hayato Jin: The strategist and sub-leader of the team, pilot of the secondary Getter unit.
  • Michiru Saotome: The heart of the team, pilot of the third Getter unit.
  • Ruri Saotome: Kid sidekick of the team, tech support, later full-on pilot

Former Members Edit

  • Musashi Tomoe: Original third Getter Pilot that sacrificed himself in
  • Benkei Kurama: Original pilot of Getter Poseidon, later quit to pursue baseball career

Honorary Members Edit

Mechs Used Edit

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