Getter Robo G is a mech from the Getter Robo franchise and is a Super Robot prominently featured in The Knights of the Multiverse. With the forms of Getter Dragon, Getter Liger, and Getter Poseidon, it was the first mech used by the Getter Team and is most commonly the mech seen leading the charge.

In Season 3, it was mutated by Getter Rays into Shin Getter Dragon.



The second robot in the Getter Robo line after the original Getter Robo was destroyed during Musashi Tomoe's final stand against the Dinosaur Empire, Michiru taking his place as the team's main third pilot. Its creation proved to be the element that turned the Imperial Wars in humanity's favor, with its enhanced strength being more than a match for the Mycenae and Jamatai Empires' forces, staying strong all the way to the final battle against King Ghidorah. After the end of the war, the Getter team would continue to use it to defend their Earth against new threats for the next several years, frequently teaming up with the Mazinger pilots.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Getter Machines

When not combined, the Getter pilots can operate the Getter Machines Dragon, Liger and Poseidon, which function similarly to normal aircraft. They're each equipped with missiles and machine guns and can fly at great speeds.

Getter Dragon

  • Pilot: Ryoma Nagare
  • Height: 25 meters
  • Formation: (Dragon, Liger, Poseidon)


  • Mach Wing

A metal cape extends down Dragon's back, as well as a booster on each of it's legs, which allows it to fly at Mach 4 speeds.

  • Spin Cutter

Dragon uses the saw-blades on its arms to quickly slice through an opponent's armor.

  • Getter/Double Tomahawk

Dragon is able to either pull one or two axes from the points on its shoulders and use them as melee weapons

  • Getter/Double Tomahawk Boomerang

Dragon is able to use one of both of its Getter Tomahawks and throw them at its opponent.

  • Long Tomahawk

Dragon's Tomahawks are able to combine at the ends to make an extended Getter Tomahawk, similarly to Grendizer's Double Harken.

  • Getter Beam

A laser made up of Getter Radiation fires from the gem on Dragon's head.

  • Shine Spark

All three Getter pilots hit their acceleration pedals at the same time, causing Dragon to become covered with pure Getter radiation. After harnessing enough radiation to create a bright aura, it flings the energy forward, causing it to essentially ramming straight into its foe. This ability can also be used on ally units, enhancing both their speed and damage output when they crash into their target.

Combo Attacks

  • Final Dynamic Special

Combo attack w/ Mazinger Z, Jeeg, Daimos, Daitarn 3 & Raideen (also occasionally Govarian and Great Mazinger): Daimos kicks it off by sending their enemy into the air with a Fire Blizzard. When it's fully ascended into the air, Mazinger and Jeeg hammer it with their Breast Fire and Spin Storm. Dragon comes in for the final blow with a Shine Spark. When Daitarn 3 & Raideen join later on, the two assist in the finishing blow by having Daitarn hold the opponent in place with a Sun Attack right after being lifted into the air by the Double Blizzard. Then, Raideen fires a God Arrow, which pierces the opponent's chest and acts like a honing rod for the Shine Spark. Other ARC Super Robots Govarian and Great Mazinger can also join in on the attack, with Govarian joining with Mazinger Z to create a Double Burning Fire, and Great energizes Raideen's arrow with a Thunder Break, causing even more damage.

Getter Liger


  • Liger Missile

Liger's pointed arm opens and is able to fire numerous missiles at its opponent.

  • Chain Attack

Liger fires it's pointed arm at its opponent with a chain attached to its arm. Liger is then able to swing around its opponent.

  • Drill Arm

Liger's left arm converts into a drill, allowing it to drill underground and walls. It's also able to drill through opponents.

  • Mach Special

Liger accelerates to high speeds of at least Mach 3 and makes several attacks with the Drill Arm, which can then create what looks like a tornado. Enemies caught in the wind are immobilized as Liger's drill rips them to shreds.

  • Shine Spark

Thanks to Ruri's control over Getter Rays, when she took Liger's pilot seat, this form also gained the ability to use the Shine Spark, with it being just as powerful as the version used by Dragon. But, unlike Dragon's version of the attack, the Getter Ray aura stays on Liger until it crashes through its intended target, temporarily increasing its speed as well, concentrating around the Drill's tip. It also retains the Rays' signature green color unlike Dragon's simple bright white.

Combo Attacks

  • Moon Spiral Shine Spark

Combo attack w/ Usagi Tsukino & Emily: After charging up the Shine Spark, Usagi and Emily fire their Moon Spiral Rocket Punch, meeting at the tip of Liger's Drill Arm, increasing Liger's speed and delivering a much more powerful blow to the opponent. (obviously, this attack is performed after Ruri starts piloting Liger).

Getter Poseidon

  • Pilot: Michiru Saotome
  • Height: 23 meters
  • Formation: (Poseidon, Dragon, Liger)


  • Strong Missile

Poseidon fires the missiles on its back.

  • Getter Cyclone

The panel on Poseidon's chest folds upwards as the fan underneath its head unit spins and produces a powerful cyclone.

  • Finger Net

Poseidon fires a net from the tips of its fingers, trapping its opponent.

  • Daisetsudan Oroshi

Poseidon either grabs its opponent or grabs them with the Finger Net and spins them around like a top before releasing them. Poseidon will then either follow up with a Strong Missile strike or letting the opponent crash into the ground behind it and exploding.

Getter Change Special

A move where all three Getter units combine and separate in succession to both confuse the enemy and give maximum amount of damage. This attack was very essential in defeating Gekiganger III. The pattern goes as follows:

- Dragon switches to Poseidon, which lands behind the enemy and fires its Getter Cyclone, sending them upwards while it switches back to Dragon and makes several attacks with its Double Tomahawk. It then kicks the opponent away and throws one of its Tomahawks, which is planted into their foe's chest and then, as it switches to Liger, Liger's Chain Attack punches the enemy and grabs the Tomahawk, striking the target with the "Chain Tomahawk" several times. Liger then throws it into the air and they change back into Poseidon, which grabs the enemy with a Finger Net and swings it down to the ground and fires its Strong Missile. As the enemy tries to escape, they change back to Liger and hits it with a Mach Special, and ends with Dragon finishing off the target with a Getter Beam


To size it closer to the Mazinger robots, Dragon and Liger has been scaled down from their original height of 50 meters/164 feet down to 25 meters/82 feet. As such, Poseidon has also been scaled down from 45 meters/148 feet to 23 meters/75 feet.

Liger's variant of the Shine Spark, while also acting as foreshadowing of sorts for how Shin Getter uses the move, is also a reference to Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill Breaker. This is even alluded to in one Season 1 episode, where some of the team grapples the Robot-of-the-Week's arms and legs to assist in the kill shot, similarly to how the move is regularly performed in GL.

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