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Getter Robo is a series created by Ken Ishikawa, and co-created by Go Nagai. Like its sister series Mazinger Z, the characters used are set after the original 70's anime, and takes inspiration from several of its later adaptations.

Featured Characters Edit

Adapted Material/Changes to the Source Material Edit

While most of the characters maintain their personalities from the original 1974 anime, Dr Saotome takes more cues from his other interpretations, being grouchy and very distant.

The characters' appearances come from many different sources. Ryoma, Hayato, Benkei and Musashi's character models are based off of their appearances in Super Robot Wars X Omega, which in turn are a combination of their original anime counterparts and Getter Robo Armageddon counterparts. However, Michiru's design is based off of her appearance in the game Getter Robo Daikessen, and Dr. Saotome's is straight from Armageddon, mostly to represent how secluded and devoted to his research he's become.

Michiru's little brother Genki has been removed from the storyline, with Ruri sort of taking his place on the team (except, well, Ruri's actually useful).

Getter Robo: Armageddon Edit

The introduction to the Getter Army in the third season is loosely based off of the second half of the first episode of the OVA, and is mixed in with elements from the first episode of Mazinkaiser.

Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo Edit

Rather than the suicide bomb technique in the original series, Musashi's sacrifice is retconned to resemble his final battle against the Dinosaur Empire at the beginning of the first episode (which, in of itself, is based off of his sacrifice from the original manga). The only real difference is that it was broadcasted on live television, being seen by almost everyone on Earth Prime.

Shin Getter Robo's introduction is slightly based off of its appearance in episode three of the OVA.

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