The Getter Army is a group of robots from Getter Robo Armageddon and is a collection of enemies in Knights of the Multiverse Season 3. They are a group of duplicates of Getter Robo G that serve as the main fighting force of the Guild of the Multiverse created by Thrust and the Guild to act as their foot soldiers in their fight against The Knights.


Season 3

After the failed first attack on the Knights, Thrust decided it was time to initiate plan B: the Getter Army. Created through a mix of Thrust's Unicronian powers and basic construction, they were made to serve as the main mecha forces. In their first mission, Thrust led the attack personally, targeting a city to draw the Knights' attention.



They are all created with artificial sparks, making them able to operate independently.

If one form's head is destroyed, they are still able to separate and re-combine into the other two forms.

Dark Getter Dragon

  • Formation: Dragon, Liger, Poseidon
  • Height: 50 meters/164 feet


All of the Dark Getter unites share the same abilities as their original counterparts. As such, Dark Dragon has abilities such as:

  • Getter Beam
  • Double Getter Tomahawk
  • Tomahawk Boomerang

Dark Getter Liger

  • Formation: Liger, Poseidon, Dragon
  • Height: 50 meters/164 feet


  • Liger Missile
  • Drill Arm

Dark Getter Poseidon

  • Formation: Poseidon, Dragon, Liger
  • Height: 45 meters/148 feet


  • Getter Cyclone
  • Strong Missile: Unlike the original Poseidon, Dark Poseidon removes one of the large missiles on its back and either throws it towards its opponent or to slam it into the ground to cause the explosion.



The Getter Army's appearances are based off of their appearance in the Getter Robo Armageddon OVA series. However, the Dark Dragon's model is modified so its arms have simple fins like Metal Beast Dragon rather than the original's Spin Cutters to differentiate it a little more from the original Getter Dragon.

Unlike the version of Getter Robo G used by the Getter Team, this version's forms have their original counterparts' heights, with Getter Dragon coming up to 50 meters/164 feet, Liger also 50 meters/164 feet, and Poseidon 45 meters/148 feet.

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