The AMX-006 Gaza-D is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam & Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and is a mass-produced transformable mobile suit featured in Knights of the Multiverse Season 2. It, along with its sister unit the Gaza-C, were used by Axis Zeon in their war with the Crystal Knights.


Season 2


  • Transformation

The Gaza-D is able to transform into a cannon-type mobile armor. It can either be stationary (acting as a turret of sorts), or can take flight like a standard mobile armor.

  • 14-tube Missile Launcher

Unlike the Gaza-C, the Gaza-D has a much higher firepower in the form of two 14-tube missile launcher mounts in each of the shoulder binders.

  • 4-tube Missile Launcher

In addition to the two 14-tube missile launchers, the Gaza-D also has a pair of 4-tube missile launchers that are also attached to the shoulder binders.

  • Beam Saber

The Gaza-D is armed with a pair of beam sabers that are stored in the shoulder binders.

  • Beam Gun

The Gaza-D is armed with a pair of small fire-linked beam guns are fixed on its backpack. Used mainly in mobile armor mode, these beam guns can't change their firing angle.

  • Knuckle Buster

With a power output at 6.7 MW, the Gaza-D is armed with a powerful beam cannon is linked to a large sensor on the right side of its chest, making it very accurate. It mounts onto the backpack when in mobile suit and mobile armor mode, but is hand-carried when in MS mode.


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