Galvion is the titular mecha from Cho Kosoku Galvion and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. He's one of several self-piloting mecha created to compete modern-day racing events.

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Like his "pal" Hiroshi, Galvion is often hot-headed and very competitive in a race.

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Hiroshi Shiba Edit

Galvion and Hiroshi are the very definition of competitive rivals, challenging each other to something every time they race. Still, the two are still very sportsman-like towards each other, congradualting each other on all their wins.

Starscream Edit

As a fellow transforming robot, Galvion and Starscream got along quite quickly. He was even a little jealous of Screamer's jet form, he himself having a secret desire to fly.

Braiger Edit

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