Fa Yuiry is a character from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. Originally serving alongside her childhood friend Kamille Bidan in the Gryps War, she joined his side in the formation of The Knights. She was formerly the pilot of the Methuss before temporarily taking command of the Gundam Mk-II during the events of the Mini-Series before retiring from a piloting position, becoming the team's head nurse, but then doubles as a support pilot again when she gets the Methuss Kai in the second season.

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Fa is a caring girl, placing the well-being of others above all else. She never lets herself be a pushover, so her behavior can often be compared to incessant nagging. She tries to be strong for her friends and won't let herself be brought down easily by hardships. She refuses to let sadness overwhelm her, and instead focuses her energy on keeping others moving ahead. While soft-hearted, she also has a very active temper. Forgetting minuscule or every day details, or having small annoying habits, can send her into a raging lecture about these issues. Her argumentative nature is, for the most part, just a mask for her worries. She's capable of looking out for herself and handling situations most teens never have to face. She's also very much dedicated to those close to her, and will always defend them.

She's good at taking care of others and seeing to their basic needs, yet she has also been trained in the skills of piloting small spacecraft and mobile suits. From delivering meals to babysitting to piloting mecha, she is her own Jill of All Trades.

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Fa is Kamille's childhood friend and main romantic interest. She always tries to calm his temper. She likes to hang around him and will follow him mostly anywhere. She's very concered about his safety, so she decides to join the AEUG with Kamille. She becomes a technician then a Mobile Suit pilot. Even though she is now team mates with Kamille, she can't help but get into an argument with him.

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