The AMA-01MDX Euclid is a machine from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny and is a mobile armor seen in Knights of the Multiverse Season 2. It is a mass-produced Mobile Armor created by the Glemy Faction to act as support for their Mobile Suit forces, acting sort of like a hover tank. It is also the only set of Mobile Armor to use their Mobile Doll System.


Season 2


  • Thrusters

The Euclid possesses extremely powerful thrusters that allow it to be highly mobile and fly at high speed both in the air & space and on land.

  • 7-barrel Gatling Machine Gun

The Euclid has a pair of Gatling machine guns mounted on its lower half that have high rate of fire and high destructive power. Not only are they capable of shooting down enemy missiles, but they're also powerful enough to destroy most mechs with a concentrated stream of fire.

  • High-Energy Beam Cannon

The Euclid's main weapon is the pair of high energy beam cannons mounted at the sides of its main body. They're strong enough to destroy any mech or warship in their firing range.


Like a lot of the other Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors in KotM that use the Mobile Doll System, the Euclid's use of it is based off of its appearance in Super Robot Wars Z 2.2, where it was one of several non Gundam Wing Mobile Suits that used the Mobile Doll system, even alongside the Byarlant and Destroy Gundam. However, even in the original SEED Destiny, the Euclid was already a mass-produced unit.

  • The Euclid may be named after Euclid, a Greek mathematician often referred to as the "Father of Geometry".
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