Epsilon is a character from Astro Boy (2003) and is a reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. She comes from a universe where robots and humans live in harmony in the year 2043 and is one of several robots created that has super powers, which she uses to protect human settlements from natural disasters.

Personality Edit

Epsilon is shown to be very gentle and caring, being open to all living creatures human, robot or wildlife, especially sea-life. But when duty calls, she'll still fight as fiercely as any other fighter, showing great feats of bravery and courage towards any opponent. She has a great bond with marine animals, which she cares for greatly. However, this can backfire when fighting an opponent underwater, as her wanting to get the local marine life to safety can cause her to forget about her current mission.

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Flight Edit

Epsilon has a pair of wings that can extend from her back that allow her to fly great distances.

Underwater Travel Edit

Epsilon's wings are capable of propel underwater.

Weather Detection Edit

Her most notable ability, Epsilon is equipped with a high-frequency weather detection deviced installed in her electronic brain that can detect weather patterns and even ocean currents.

Marine Communication Edit

Epsilon is capable of communicating with all marine wildlife, which she can summon at great distances. She's also able to summon them to aid her in a fight, though this is more like her encouraging and compelling the subject rather than asserting full control. She's also been shown to be able to communicate with some Kaiju.

Laser Beam Edit

Epsilon is able to fire a laser beam from her head crest that can pierce through most normal android armor and can, at best, phase through some mecha armors. She can even convert some of her energy into an even stronger laser beam. She can also use this ability to generate a large burst of energy that can create winds strong enough to stop tornadoes.

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