Energer Z is a robot from Mazinger Z (or more specifically, Shin Mazinger Z) and is an enemy mech used in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. It was created by the evil scientist Dr. Demento for the sole purpose of creating chaos, but in the process, caused great confusion that perhaps Mazinger Z had gone rouge.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

Energer Z was first seen attacking a city at night, wrecking havoc on pretty much everything in its path. Under the cover of night, the news outlets couldn't tell if it was, and since there had been past experiences with Mazinger look-alikes such as the Govarion incident two years ago, the public came to three conclusions: either it was a Mazinger-type robot, someone had stolen Mazinger Z, or, even more unthinkable, Koji Kabuto himself had turned to the dark side. Energer's creator, Dr. Demento, wasn't expecting Energer to gain this kind of attention, but just decided to keep going with the "cause blind destruction" plan anyway.

Abilities Edit

As it is made to be essentially a rip-off of Mazinger Z, Energer has many of its same attacks.

  • Rocket Punch
  • Breast Fire
  • Photon Beam
  • Rust Hurricane

Notes Edit

Energer Z is actually the prototype design for Mazinger Z, where instead of the Hover Pilder, it had a motorcycle that landed on top of its head (completely exposed) by riding up a ramp on its back. Its design was revised for the 2009 Mazinger reboot "Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact", which this version is more closely based on, aside from the Mazinger prototype angle.

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