Domon Kasshu is a character in Mobile Fighter G Gundam and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse. he pilots the Burning Gundam.

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In his youth, Domon was seen as brash, impulsive, emotional and extremely impatient, very prone to letting his emotions overcome his better judgement. While he still has his outbursts, nowadays, Domon has taken the lessons from both his master and the Gundam Fight to heart and has become a much more humble warrior, possessing a strong sense of justice and willing to fight for those he cares about. He typically prefers to keep to himself, only stepping in to aid his comrades in the most dire of situations.

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After Domon and the others settled on Earth, he went to go on his own, personal journey to explore this new world and to continue his training. He would, however, occasionally step in to assist Starscream with his training.

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