Denkou is a character from Astro Boy (1980) and is a major supporting character introduced in Knights of the Multiverse Season 1. She's an android with the ability to turn invisible, and was originally only created by Dr. Emil of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. to be used for robberies before being saved by the Crystal Knights, where she now uses her invisibility powers to act as an advanced scout for the team (or, usually just to use it some kind of silly prank).

Personality Edit

Denkou is very childlike and naive, due to her being created only a day or so before her first appearance. She's very curious and gets excited about... well, pretty much anything interesting, and is usually very clueless towards social norms. Her youthful outlook also makes her very gullible and overly trusting, not knowing right from wrong at first, like how easily her creator convinced her that stealing jewels was good. Nevertheless, she is very polite and friendly towards practically everyone, and has thankfully become more aware of the differences between good and evil, though she does slip in her judgement from time to time.

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Into Thin Air

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Abilities Edit

Invisibility Edit

Denkou has the unique ability to turn herself invisible through the use of optical shields, usually shown by her twirling around her cape. The only thing that the ability can cancel out is by shining an super-powered light onto her.

Agility Edit

Denkou was created with a small stature compared to most androids, being around the size of a 5 year old. This is so she can squeeze into small places and get in-and-out fast.

Relationships Edit

Dr. Emil Edit

As her creator, Emil imprinted on Denkou as a "parental figure", and tricked her into stealing under the impression that it was a game.

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Notes Edit

Denkou's reason for being created is different from her original series counterpart. In the original she was created to become invisible... just because and was then stolen before she was even activated to commit crimes, whereas in KotM, she was made just for that purpose.

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