Demolisher is a character from Transformers Armada and is a main character in The Knights of the Multiverse. A founding member of the Crystal Knights (but shortly after returned to his post guarding on Cybertron when he realized he was getting too old to fight), he transforms into a heavily-armored tank and works to better himself after his less-than noble beginnings.

Personality Edit

Demolisher isn't the brightest bulb on the team, usually be the prime suspect for when something breaks. However, he makes up for it in two ways. One is his power. Equipped with one of the most durable armors in Cybertronian history (able to take a missile head-on without a scratch), along with two homing missiles on both shoulders and machine guns for hands, he's easily got one of the best armor plating on Cybertron. The second thing is his surprisingly big spark. Demo cares greatly for his comrades, and will go to great lengths to protect them.

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Lasers: Demolisher's able to fire lasers from his fingertips and the missiles on his shoulders.

Demolition Missile:

Relationships Edit

Starscream Edit

During their time serving under Megatron, Demolisher cared for Starscream as he would any other comrade, even interfering when Megatron would beat him for his failures in missions.

Cyclonus Edit

Demolisher and Cyclonus's friendship was... questionable, to say the least.

Tidal Wave Edit

While the two don't often interact, Demolisher still respects Tidal Wave greatly as one of his Decepticon brothers, as shown when he was the first to raise concern over Wave's safety when the group found him in stasis lock in the forest upon their "first day".

Usagi Tsukino Edit

Koji Kabuto Edit

Demolisher and Koji share a friendly rivalry. As he does with most of his colleagues, Koji likes to poke fun at him whenever he can, with Demo sometimes finding a way to throw it right back at him. That said, they both do still respect each other as teammates, especially as how they're both usually the ones who want to start up fights more often than not, as shown with how Koji was able to talk him down from his rage while he and Rigby were transporting Shin Getter's parts. Demo even (secretly) respects how Koji's willing to put himself in harm's way inside of Z's cockpit.

Megatron Edit

When under his service, Demolisher was loyal to Megatron's every word. Whatever the task given to him, Demolisher would do it without question. However, after making friends with the rest of the Knights, Demolisher began to rethink his loyalty.

Thrust Edit

Demolisher never liked Thrust. His "brilliant" tactical mind, his cocky attitude, it all just makes him sick.

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