Darrell Boxman is a character from OK K.O. Let's be Heroes and is a reoccurring character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. An android originally created by Lord Boxman to destroy (or at least, mildly inconvenience) the heroes of Gar's Bodega, after the events of their series, he and his robotic sister Shannon join The Crystal Knights to start a new life as heroes.

Personality Edit

Darrell can be described as being rather emotionally unstable, as he often gets easily aggravated and often acts rather childishly, often becomes easily flustered by the pettiest of insults and passing the time off-duty by coloring, playing with toy cars, and dressing up in costumes (his favorite being a cowboy).

After joining the Knights, he started to readapt his leadership-like role when he took over Boxmore when his father was... relieved from duty, sometimes taking a leadership role in missions, And despite how often he bickers with his siblings and new teammates, he really cares about them and gets along with them more often than not.

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Pre-Series Edit

Like the rest of his siblings, Darrell was created by his father, Lord Boxman, to destroy the heroes protecting Gar's Bodega on their earth.

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Lord Boxman Edit

Shannon Boxman Edit

Though the two bicker occasionally, both really care about each other thanks to how many failed missions they've been on, and get along more often than not.

Raymond Boxman Edit

Candace Flynn Edit

Darrell and Candace are two of the most immature, and emotionally unstable members of the team. So naturally, they get along great.

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