Danube α1 (mostly just referred to as Danube) is a robot from Mazinger Z and is a mecha in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. It was created by Schtroheim Heinrich to link with his "daughter" Lorelai and combat against his rival Juzo Kabuto's Mazinger Z.

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On its own, Danube is unable to move on its own (aside from its homing device). However, when Lorelai links up with it, it unlocks all of its weapons systems.

  • Photon Power Core

Danube is powered by a Photon Power Core, using Photonic Energy Dr. Heinrich managed to steal from behind Juzo's back.

  • Homing Device

When Lorelai removes her bow, a homing device inside of the orb on Danube's head (highlighted by it glowing red) that makes it immediately go to Lorelai's side to fuse with her. If its not too far, all Danube need to is walk a few paces. But, when she is too far away, it will use its jet boosters and immediately

  • Fusion

Lorelai is able to fuse with Danube through the crest on its chest. The center of the crest glows a bright white, photon-powered light which allows Lorelai to seemingly phase into it. Due to it being the most important part of the robot, this point has the strongest armor on the mech.

  • Jet Boosters

Danube has several jet boosters in its feet that allow it to fly short distances.

  • Metal Hair

Danube's pigtail is composed of a strong, thin metal that can be used as an extra appendage or a whip.

  • Missiles

Danube has seven missile ports on its stomach.

  • Photon Beam

Danube is able to fire a laser from the bulb at the top of its head.

  • Alpha Blade

Danube is able to a sword from each of its thighs, similarly to the Great Mazinger (they actually were taken straight off of a destroyed Mass-Produced Great Mazinger, Stroheim was just too proud to admit it).

  • German Blizzard

A sort of counter to Mazinger Z's Breast Fire, a fan extends from behind the center crest that can both repel a wind as strong as Z's Rust Hurricane and a freeze ray.

Notes Edit

Using its character model from Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact as a basis, Danube's design has been tweaked to have Lorelai's face in place of the original Danube's, to better emphasize the idea of it being an extension of Lorelai's body. To help blend the face into the robot a little better, the helmet is made in the shape of a knight's helmet with a large yellow pigtail coming out of the back, much like Batgirl's cowl (The face and hair are the only resemblance to Lorelai's face, and are just for display. The helmet isn't removable). But, as a nod to the original design, a crest in placed in the middle of the chest in the shape of the face's original placement on the robot, with the addition of it lighting up when Lorelai fuses with it. And to add into the knight aesthetic, the fins on its thighs were extended and given a replica of the Mazinger Blade.

Danube's pigtail, while obviously based off of the original design's head tentacle whip, is inspired by Dr. Hell's Gamia Q androids and how they could catch/slice things when their hair glowed.

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