Danguard Ace is the titular robot of Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace and is a transforming super robot featured in Knights of the Multiverse Season 1. It is created/piloted by Dr. Astro of the organization L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. to protect his array of Space Lasers.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Armaments[edit | edit source]

Fighter Mode[edit | edit source]

Ace is composed of two smaller machines, the Guard Launcher, a small aircraft that forms the head and upper body, and the Satellizer, which forms the lower body, flight module, and legs. To form the flight mode, the call "Open Danguard!" and "Change Satellizer Set On!" are used while the phrases "Open Satellizer!" and "Change Danguard Set On!" are used to assume the bipedal form. The Danguard crew is composed of two people: the main pilot being in the Guard Launcher while the co-pilot is stationed in the lower body up front controlling the advancing and maneuvering.

Robot Mode[edit | edit source]

  • Eye Leicester Rifle

Eye lasers.

  • Teleportion Punch

Releases energy to propel and extend an arm to punch an enemy.

  • Hard Punch

Fires energy directly from the forearm.

  • Missile

Fires energy from the shoulders, also used by the Sattellizer.

  • Laser Vulcan

Gun equipped to waist, used only by Sattellizer.

  • Cosmo Arrow

Removes the red triangle armor plating on the shins to use as close range weapons or as shurikens.

  • Double Shaft

Combines the Cosmo Arrow into a double-bladed spear, able to cut cleanly through an enemy.

  • Pulsar Cannon

Fires an energy bolt from the chest armor after the doors open. It is the Danguard's strongest weapon, however due to the time to charge the energy it is all but useless against faster enemies.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Surprisingly, Danguard is one of the only few super robots in L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.'s arsenal that is piloted.

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