Daitarn 3 is the titular robot of Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 and is a mech that appears in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. It's piloted by world famous spy Banjo Haran.

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

  • Daitarn Javelin
  • Daitarn Hammer
  • Daitarn Zanber

A pair of swords.

  • Sun Laser

The crest at the center of Daitarn's helmet fires a straight beam of energy.

  • Sun Attack

A more advanced version of the Sun Laser, Daitarn's helmet crest fires multiple small yellow energy orbs in a scattershot-type blast. It can also be used to hold a single target in suspense when fired in a straight line.

  • "Daitarn Crash!"

A follow-up move to the Sun Attack, Daitarn leaps upward and crashes through its target, usually directly through the chest, taking a chunk of the chest piece with it.

Notes Edit

In official media, Daitarn is often portrayed as being uncharacteristically enormous, coming up about to Gunbuster's waist. In KotM, its shrunken down to about 60 meters/about 197 feet.

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