Daimos is the titular robot of Tosho Daimos and is a mech featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. It is piloted by Kazuya Ryuzaki.

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Pre-Series Edit

Using data they had gathered from Raideen, the EDC created their own transforming mecha able to follow its pilots movements: Daimos. With this new mecha and the recently-completed line of Strike Dagger mechas, the tide was turned in the Earth's favor, bringing down the Mycenae Empire and the other evil forces in The Imperial Wars.

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Abilities & Equipment Edit

  • Tranzer
  • Operating System
    • Daimos's systems are based completely on Kazuya's movements. Similar to Raideen's own system, wires are connected to Kazuya's arms and legs that allow him to control Daimos's movement with pin-point accuracy, allowing him to use all of his martial arts skills against larger opponents.
  • Daimo Shaft
    • Two spears eject from Daimos's back that are able to link together.
  • Sanryu-Kon
    • Daimos's belt folds out into a large, double-sided staff that are able to bend like a pair on nun-chucks.
  • Soryu-Ken
    • The panel on Daimos's chest converts into two small, double-bladed weapons.
  • Freezer Storm
    • The two antennae on the side of Daimos's head fold downward and fire straight beams of ice.
  • Double/Fire Blizzard
    • The panel on Daimos's chest opens, revealing two wind turbines underneath that, when activated, create a huge whirlwind that flings its target into the air. It also has a variant where the whirlwind is created by a torrent of fire.
  • Reppu Seikensuki
    • Daimos's finishing move, it leaps into the air and thrusts its right fist through its opponent's torso, piercing right through its armor.
  • Double Blizzard/Shine Spark Combo
    • Combo attack w/ Getter Dragon: Daimos fires a Double Blizzard, paralyzing its target long enough for Dragon to destroy it with a Shine Spark.
  • God Phoenix Crush
    • Combo attack w/ Raideen: Daimos envelops Raideen (in God Bird Mode) with its Fire Blizzard, with the energy forming the shape of a phoenix, and when Raideen rams into its opponent, it burns right through them almost instantly and when they explode, their remains burn away into nothingness.

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