Daimos is the titular robot of Tosho Daimos and is a Super Robot featured in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. It is piloted by Kazuya Ryuzaki, and is able to transform into a large truck.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

About a decade ago, a few months into the Imperial Wars, using data they had gathered from Raideen, the EDC created their own transforming Super Robot able to follow its pilots movements to give them the edge they need: Daimos. With this new mecha and the recently-completed line of Govarians & Strike Daggers, the tide was turned in the Earth's favor, helping immensely in bringing down the Mycenae Empire and the other evil forces.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Abilities & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Tryper 75S

Kazuya's personal car. Acts similarly to Mazinger Z's pilder.

  • Tranzer

Daimos is able to transform into a long, giant truck. The Tryper 75S launches into the Tranzer through its rear doors before the cockpit detaches and is placed into the front of the cab.

  • Operating System

Daimos's systems are based completely on Kazuya's movements. Similar to Raideen's own system, wires are connected to Kazuya's arms and legs that allow him to control Daimos's movement with pin-point accuracy, allowing him to use all of his martial arts skills against larger opponents.

  • Daimo Gun

A pair of machine guns mounted on Daimos's hips, stored behind the yellow panels on its .

  • Foot Cutter

Blades mounted inside of Daimos' feet.

  • Daimo Shaft

Two spears eject from Daimos's back that are able to link together.

  • Sanryu-Kon

Daimos's belt folds out into a large, double-sided staff that are able to bend like a pair on nun-chucks.

  • Soryu-Ken

The panel on Daimos's chest converts into two small, double-bladed weapons.

  • Freezer Storm

The two antennae on the side of Daimos's head fold downward and fire straight beams of ice.

  • Double/Fire Blizzard

The panel on Daimos's chest opens, revealing two wind turbines underneath that, when activated, create a huge whirlwind that flings its target into the air. It also has a variant where the whirlwind is created by a torrent of fire.

  • Reppu Seikensuki

Daimos's finishing move, it leaps into the air and thrusts its right fist through its opponent's torso, piercing right through its armor.

Combos[edit | edit source]

  • God Phoenix Crush

Combo attack w/ Raideen: Daimos envelops Raideen (in God Bird Mode) with its Fire Blizzard, with the energy forming the shape of a phoenix, and when Raideen rams into its opponent, it burns right through them almost instantly and when they explode, their remains burn away into nothingness.

  • Final Dynamic Special

Combo attack w/ Mazinger Z, Getter Robo G, Jeeg, Daitarn 3 & Raideen (also occasionally Govarian and Great Mazinger): Daimos kicks it off by sending their enemy into the air with a Fire Blizzard. When it's fully ascended into the air, Mazinger and Jeeg hammer it with their Breast Fire and Spin Storm. Dragon comes in for the final blow with a Shine Spark. When Daitarn 3 & Raideen join later on, the two assist in the finishing blow by having Daitarn hold the opponent in place with a Sun Attack right after being lifted into the air by the Double Blizzard. Then, Raideen fires a God Arrow, which pierces the opponent's chest and acts as a honing rod for the Shine Spark. Other ARC Super Robots Govarian and Great Mazinger can also join in on the attack, with Govarian joining with Mazinger Z to create a Double Burning Fire, and Great energizes Raideen's arrow with a Thunder Break, causing even more damage.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Like a lot of Super Robots in KotM, Daimos's height has been changed from 45 meters/147 feet to 30 m/98 ft to help it line up with its comrades a little better.

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