Catra is a character from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and is a main character in The Knights of the Multiverse. Originally a soldier in the Evil Horde, she and her best friend Adora were separated when the two went out "for a drive", and she ran into the rest of the main cast (quite literally) and joined with them to form The Knights.

Personality[edit | edit source]

For as long as she could remember, Catra longed to be free. She always wished to see the world and know what dwells beyond the Fright Zone's borders. Her curiosity of the world, however, isn't enough to persuade her from her inclination to doing things her way. She's often late or absent to important events such as meetings and tests and elects to take the easy way out instead of putting forth actual effort. She refuses to respect authority and resents people who see her as weak and unworthy. She has a very headstrong and stubborn nature and refusing to give up or relent when she is focused on a goal.

She's also shown to be a bit of a slacker, like showing up late to training exercises. She's a true thrill-seeker, complaining about how boring her time in the Fright Zone was, having the occasional need to blow something up, and extreme excitement at doing something extremely dangerous. When faced with certain issues, such as saving fuel for a return trip, Catra brushes this off, saying it's a "future Catra problem".

Of course, Catra's attitude didn't just come out of nowhere. Back in her cadet days, she never made friends with the rest of her squad-mates. If anything, they hated her. Shadow Weaver never loved her either, only showering Adora with affection. So, she started ditching training exercises and talking back to her authority figures. If they weren't going to show her any respect, why should she show them any?

Nevertheless, Catra isn't without a heart. She cares for people, especially Adora and the other Knights, especially since they were the first people to actually treat her as, well, an actual person. Though she doesn't outgrow her slacker tendencies, she proves a skilled strategist, coming up with seemingly insane plans that... SOMEHOW manage to get everyone out alive.

She also hates being called cute, but not as much as she hates water.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

Most of Catra's past is unknown, only that she has feline origins and is not a typical Etherian. At some point in her early life, she was left orphaned under unknown circumstances. She was eventually taken in by the Horde as an infant, primarily raised by Shadow Weaver alongside Adora to become a child soldier.

Years later, to celebrate Adora's promotion to Force Captain, the two "borrowed" a land skiff to explore the forbidden Whispering Woods. Things get out of control and Adora falls off the skiff, and just before she ran right into a tree, a portal of some kind opened right in front of her.

Mini-Series[edit | edit source]

Trying (and failing) to regain control of her skiff, Catra ran into a large red robot. Literally, she crashed the skiff into its leg and it sent her flying.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Catlike Instincts

Thanks to her feline half, several of Catra's instincts have been heightened, such as being able to hear and smell things from great distances and be able to see in the dark.

  • Enhanced Strength and Agility

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Adora[edit | edit source]

For a time, Adora was the only friend Catra ever had. She would always stick by her side during training exercises (even ones she's turn up late for) and comfort her after their "meetings" with Shadow Weaver. This even extends to Catra not even having her own bed, preferring to sleep curled up at the foot of Adora's bed at night. However, deep down, she feels immensely jealous of her success, with her thinking that Adora was a hero and that 'every hero needs a sidekick'. This even led her to believing that Adora only saw her as a second, and was being a hero for the sake of glory.

Usagi Tsukino[edit | edit source]

When the two first met, Catra found a sort of kinship with Usagi, both being ignored and looked down upon for most of their lives. From there, the two formed a sister-like bond, with Catra taking the role of a cooler, older sister that's always trying to get her to do "cool", stupid stuff.

Amity Blight[edit | edit source]

For the longest time, Catra couldn't stand Amity. All "Little Miss Perfect" would do when they first met was ridicule her, calling she a slacker that would only drag everyone else down... just everyone else in her life. But, as they've gotten more use to each other's company, their arguments have boiled down to petty squabbling, Catra usually being the one to start it with a bad joke or pun.

Lapis Lazuli[edit | edit source]

Tom Lucitor[edit | edit source]

Sunset Shimmer[edit | edit source]

Unlike certain other authority figures in her life, Catra actually respects Sunset a great deal, with the only time she really defies her orders is when she finds a fatal flaw in one of her plans.

Kamille Bidan[edit | edit source]

Though not to the extent that she views Sunset, Catra still respects Kamille a lot, especially with how like her, he's not one to put up other people's crap.

Emily[edit | edit source]

Dani Phantom[edit | edit source]

As a young "thrill-seeker" as they like to put it, Catra and Dani get along swimmingly.

Ana[edit | edit source]

Cosmo[edit | edit source]

Like the others, Catra immediately took pity on Cosmo when Tom saved her and was dead set on protecting her from Tobikage and stopping her creators from turning her into a mindless killing machine, especially when she heard that she just wanted to be free and living her life the way she wants to, reminding her well of how she felt during her time in the Horde. The two continued to bond over stuff like them having some of the most unique appearances on the team.

Rosica[edit | edit source]

Even though she hadn't met her the day the group took her in, Catra couldn't help but show sympathy for Rosica. Just watching helplessly as your father gets cut down right in front of you, human or 'droid, that would be too much for anyone to handle.

Atros[edit | edit source]

Catra was one of the first members to welcome Atros into the group with open arms, since she knew better than most the harm a terrible upbringing can do to a kid, even if they were an android.

Candace Flynn[edit | edit source]

Catra has found a sort of kinship with Candace, both being ignored and looked down upon for most of their lives, much like with Usagi. Of course, unlike Usagi, she has to deal with Candace's strange mixture of anxiety and ego, which sometimes can get old, really quick.

Shadow Weaver[edit | edit source]

L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.[edit | edit source]

Axis Zeon[edit | edit source]

Cheetah[edit | edit source]

As a feline villain, Catra and Cheetah sparked a rivalry almost immediately.

Guild of the Multiverse[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Since she doesn't go through all the emotional baggage her original counterpart had to, Catra acts a little less like a villain, and more like just a wild teenager who just loves to get on people's nerves and loves her newfound freedom for her terrible past, similarly to Rigby from Regular Show (this should also make it a bit more clear why she gets on Benson's nerves so often).

Catra's appearance from the first season onwards is a combination of several of her designs from various points in her original show, including the short hair she gained in the fifth season, the jacket she wore in her short time in the Crimson Waste, and the black leggings she wore in the fourth season.

Catra (Dream Sequence).png

And just for fun, her sleeping clothes are based off of this image of her from the episode "Roll With It".

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