Blossom Utomium is a character from the Powerpuff Girls (1998) and is a minor character in The Knights of the Multiverse. The leader and brains of the Powerpuff Girls, she fights alongside her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup to defend their hometown of Townsville and assist The Crystal Knights every now and then to protect the Multiverse.

Personality Edit

The most outgoing and intelligent of her sisters, Blossom is the Powerpuff Girls' natural leader. She's quick-thinking, logical, analytical, level-headed in tight situations, and has a strong sense of justice. She's the one always coming up with new team maneuvers and other strategies. She often tries to act as most mature, level-headed and composed member of the group, but this will often come off as her being bossy and arrogant, and while her position does sometimes get to her head, she's still willing to acknowledge a better idea and always has the best interests of her sisters and her new team at heart. As the everything nice portion of the Girls' creation, she's very compassionate about helping others, whether they be in a fight or just to support them emotionally.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Created by Professor Utonium through a combination of sugar, spice, everything nice, and Chemical X, Blossom fought alongside her sisters to defend their home of the City of Townsville, and their earth, against the forces of evil.

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Freeze Breath Edit

Unlike her sisters, Blossom has the unique ability to create a huge gust of ice from her breath, able to freeze anything upon contact.

Durability Edit

Like he sisters, Blossom can withstand extreme temperatures, such as lava and acid.

Relationships Edit

Her Sisters Edit

Blossom cares for her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup more than anything (aside from their father Professor Utonium, of course) and will go to great lengths to protect them. That said, being kids, she will still get into arguments with them, especially Buttercup. Due to her stubborn nature and tendency to rush into fights, the two will often butt heads over battle tactics, even with Buttercup sometimes stating that she should be the leader. Still, they are sisters, so they will always have each others back

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