The Blocker Corps are the main robots of Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster and are a group of super robots featured in Knights of the Multiverse Season 1. They were created by the evil organization L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., and, with their counterparts the Ginguiser unit, were the group's first attempt at a large-scale robot army, using schematics they had gathered from the Mazinger and Getter robots, even down to ripping off replicating some of their abilities.

Members Edit

Robocles Edit

The yellow and blue one.

Personality Edit

Armaments Edit

  • Dynamite Crusher

Missiles that fire from the symbol on its abdomen.

  • Cres Hook

Replication of Getter Dragon's Double Tomahawk

  • Kurehundo

Replication of Getter Poseidon's chain attack, with four chains firing from its forearms

  • Cree Spark

Replication of Great Mazinger's Thunder Break, with lightning shooting from its horns.

Bullcaeser Edit

The green one.

Personality Edit

Armaments Edit

  • Bull Missiles

Missile barrage that fires from its head's wings and mouthpiece

  • Shoulder Spin

Lasers that fire from the tubes on its shoulders

  • Bull Jikkuru

A sort-of mix of Great Mazinger's Mazinger Blade & Getter Dragon's Tomahawk Boomerang, two blades eject from its legs and connect in the middle, allowing Bullcaeser to throw it like a boomerang.

  • Bull Spark

Replication of Great Mazinger's Thunder Break

Sandaioh Edit

The black and red one with the long nose.

Personality Edit

Armaments Edit

  • Dynamo Crusher

Missiles that fire from the symbol on its abdomen.

  • Knuckles

Has two brass knuckles attacked to their hands.

  • Thunder Spear

Two large spears that eject from its shoulders, and is able to connect to form a Double Spear.

  • Cres Spark

Yet another replication of Great Mazinger's Thunder Break that shoots from its horns.

Bosspalder Edit

The red and blue one.

Personality Edit

Armaments Edit

  • Photon Beam

Eye lasers

  • Long Arms

Rocket Punch

  • Pulder Chuck

A chain with two maces at both ends.

  • Lots of Missiles

Bosspalder is armed with lots of missiles, including inside the symbol on its abdomen, the rings on its shoulders, and even the panel on its chest opens up to fire from six large missile racks.

History Edit

Animated Shorts Edit

Short #4 Edit

The Blocker Corps was seen among the ranks in the attack on the city in the short. However, they were taken out quite quickly, with all four being destroyed by Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger Rocket Punches after they had just incinerated the Ginguisers with their Double Burning Fire.

Season 1 Edit

Notes Edit

The name "Blocker Corps" comes from one of several names that their series went by (the others being "Blocker Army IV Machine Blaster", "Blocker Corps IV", "Blocker Army IV", "Machine Blaster" and in Italian as "Astrorobot Contatto Ypsilon" ("Blocker Corps IV Astrorobot").)

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