Black Getter is a robot from Getter Robo Armageddon and is a Super Robot featured in The Knights of the Multiverse. It's a modified Replica Getter Robo piloted and customized by Ryoma Nagare to use as his personal Super Robot.


Season 1

Season 2


  • "Open Get"

Though they are meant to act as a separate unit from the other two Replica Getters compared to the original Getter, Black Getter is still able to separate into three jet components - Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear - and is able to combine with the others.

  • Getter Tomahawk

The Black Getter is able pull a tomahawk from either of its shoulders, and hurl it at its opponent like a boomerang.

  • Getter Beam

The Black Getter is able to fire a Getter Beam from its stomach area, although it has a more intimidating purple aura to it.

  • Getter Razor

Thanks to Ryoma.'s modifications, the Black Getter only has one of its razors on its forearms. However, this razor is much more pronounced and is more likely to slice opponents in two.

  • Iron Knuckles

Thanks to Ryoma's modifications, the Black Getter has four spiked knuckles at the ends of both its fists that can extend out to deal even more brutal damage.


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