The Battle Bikes are a group of vehicles from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam and are a group of featured in Knights of the Multiverse Season 1. They are a collection of vehicles that are a part of the Armored Bike Division created by the evil organization L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. and, for some reason, are modeled after motorbikes that act as support vehicles for the Adrastea and Lysithea.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

Armaments Edit

  • Super Speed

As silly as they look, the battle bikes are able to travel at high speeds, even able to maneuver on rough terrain like cliff sides.

  • Beam Cannons

Each unit is armed with with Photon Beam cannons attached to turrets at the top of their roofs, though each model has a slight variation: the Galicson units have only one barrel that is fixed in the forward position (giving it a disadvantage against flying targets), the Kou units have , and the Ohtu units have two barrels. The Ohtu's and Kou's are also able to turn their turrets a full 360 degrees and tilt their barrels up and down.

  • Machine Guns

Each unit is armed with two-to-three machine guns around the front.

Notes Edit

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