Banjo Haran is a character from Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 and is a major character introduced in the first season of The Knights of the Multiverse. He's a world-renowned secret agent and is the pilot of Daitarn 3, as well as being one of the only surviving members of the Allied Robot Corps. Unlike his other former teammates (for season one, at least), he doesn't join the Crystal Knights immediately, preferring to still work on his own. However, part-way into season two, he joins the team full-time to battle against OZ.

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Banjo is a classic Casanova; generally laid-back, calm under pressure, and very smooth with the ladies. He's also the most moral of all his Allied Robot Corps comrades, as he's willing to show leniency if the opponent shows remorse for their actions or they possess some code of honor. However, he does still have a breaking point. While he will act a lot more level-headed in tight situations, he will snap when villains either mess with innocent people's heads (mind control or simple manipulation) or heinous acts of genocide. Even worse when the villain tries to explain their actions for "the greater good". Surprisingly, out of the entire Alpha team, he's the one with the biggest tendency to be the most ruthless in battle (yeah, even worse than Koji sometimes).

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Most fans refer to the Daitarn 3 series as "James Bond with a giant robot". So to keep with the joke, Banjo's portrayal takes inspiration from most general characterizations of 007.

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