Ayako is a character from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna and is a major character in The Knights of the Multiverse, introduced in Season 1. She is the "youngest" of the three Dark Sister androids created by Dr. Empra of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. in their quest for world domination, but after she was defeated, she was taken in by The Knights where she discovered a life outside of fighting.


Being the youngest of her sisters (or the last one to be created), Ayako acts very childish, enjoying pulling pranks and playing (like the innocent kind of play fighting) with her opponents. This was best seen when she first appears and attacks the team, where she treated it as simple playtime rather than a malicious attack. But, being a kid, she is also very emotional, sometimes becoming reckless in battles when she gets annoyed enough and getting very upset when she gets either humiliated or injured in the middle of a fight. She also values family above all else, as seen by how desperate she was to bring her sisters over to the good side and show them a life outside of fighting like the Knights showed her.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Battle Suit

Ayako is able to summon a kimono-like outfit for when she enters battle.

  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Electrical Generation

Ayako is able to generate electricity directly from her body. She can use these powers in a variety of ways, such as simple energy blasts, creating a huge wave of it by slamming her hand on the ground to paralyze a large group of enemies, charging up her punches and kicks, cause electronic panels or walls lined with electronics to explode with a simple touch.

Super Moves

  • Inazuma Kick

Ayako charges up a kick filled with electricity to deliver a very damaging blow to her enemies.

For robots/mechs, the electricity will usually disperse through their circuits and main systems, resulting in them exploding in a blaze of glory. If not, it will at least disable some of their systems.

  • Thunder Barrier

Ayako is able to generate a small electric shield that is capable of incapacitating all electronics around her. This includes other androids, who she's able to paralyze in place.

  • Thunder Claw

Ayako is able pierce through a machine with a super-charged punch and release a large amount of electricity throughout the target machine's systems. This usually results in said machine exploding, but for certain robots, she's able to channel just enough electricity to destroy specific systems, mostly the ones that use the most energy.

  • Inazuma Explosion

Ayako releases an enormous amount of electricity from her body in one massive burst.

 Combo Attacks

  • Combination Crash1

Combo attack w/ Usagi Tsukino: Ayako and Usagi fly high into the air and perform a double dive-kick that pierces right through their target, causing it to explode behind them (like you do).


Dr. Empra

Even though she is her creator, Ayako never thought of Empra as her mother. The two were never close, with Genmu doing most of the work nurturing and taking care of the young gynoid during their training period. In fact, the most she really interacted with her mother was when she trying to terminate her.


Even though she is her older sister, Ayako is terrified of Kyoka.


Unlike her mother and other sister, Ayako truly did love Genmu. For all the time the trio were training, Genmu was the one who was always there for her: helping her control her powers, fixing up her injuries, and just generally taking care of her. As such, she was desperate for the Knights to save her and help her joine the Knights, and of course, she was heartbroken when Empra caused her to self-destruct. She managed to get past it fairly quickly thanks to her new friends' support, but her absence from her life does still sting.

Usagi Tsukino

At first, Ayako saw Usagi as another "playmate". However, after she reached out to her and offered her help, the two have become very good friends, with Ayako even seeing her as an pseudo-big sister (ironic since she's built to appear a couple years older than her).




Ayako felt an instant click when she and Rosy first met. Even though she wasn't there to see it happen, when the little android fell into her pit of depression after her father's death, she connected it to how she felt when she first joined the team, so she felt it was her responsibility to help her get out of it. From there, she went on to help train her and improve her skills with her dagger and how she could help out on the battlefield. But more importantly, she shared stories with her about all the abuse she took from Kyoka, about how Genmu would give her advice and take care of her, and how alone she felt at first when both of them were killed in battle. Like many other duos on the team, the two quickly grew close, with Ayako developing into an older sister-type role like Genmu had for her, with Ayako helping her to train with her dagger, motivate her to be do whatever she feels and to not be shackled to how her predecessor, Sophie, would do things or how her father treated her, or just pulling her away from the group to show her a fun time..

Dr. Bernard

Even though the two never met, just from Sunset's word and Rosy's recollection of her memories with him, Ayako has a very negative view of Rosy's "father".


Sunset Shimmer


Android Keiko

Ayako was one of the first to befriend Keiko when she first joined the team, and was the first to go and comfort her after Kappei and Uchuta's android counterparts were destroyed, obviously relating to how she lost her siblings as well. Since then, even though the two aren't seen interacting too much afterwards, they are still good friends.


Axis Zeon

Secret Society


As another electricity-based fighter, Ayako and the Electrocutioner had a short-lived rivalry.

Guild of the Multiverse


Ayako's electricity powers are a sort of spin on her original series counterpart's power to manipulate machinery just by touching any man-made surface with her hands, able to use wires and pipes like vines to capture objects or even configure them into weaponry, from small turrets to powerful cannons. This has been simplified down to simply electricity generation mostly to make her powers a little less complicated. Plus, her original counterpart was also created by aliens, so it just seems a little outlandish for "relatively" normal, human scientists to be able to create technology that complex; or at the very least, only use it for one robot (besides, a thunder-user can come in handy when you mostly deal with robots).

1The Combination Crush actually gets its name from a combo move Daitarn and Zambot 3 perform in some of the Super Robot Wars games they appear in together.

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